Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dorothy and The Tin Man (Gurl)

This Halloween I was just going 
to let the girls use princess 
dress-up out of the playroom.

 It was easy and it would save us money.
But Nixon put in pretty early that 
she wanted to be Dorothy. 

The girls LOVE The Wizard of Oz!

I had some left over blue gingham fabric and 
she already had the red
 sparkly shoes so I decided
 I could easily make her a 
costume for pretty cheap.
I think it cost me about $8 in tulle.

I assumed Isla would want to be the scarecrow 
but she insisted she wanted to be the Tin Man! 
All I could think was,
 "How can I make the Tin Man cute?"

Roman is at that wonderful but short age that
 he doesn't have an opinion so I decided he would be the Lion. 

Nixon made a beautiful Dorothy!

She was most 
excited about carrying 
around Toto!

Isla was the cutest little
 Tin Man I have ever seen!
 (This is backed up by every 
person we saw at both Fall 
Festivals we attended)

I was planning to spray paint one of those things you use 
to put oil in your car silver for her head but I lucked 
out when a friend of mine had the heart and hat from her son's 
Halloween costume from a previous year!  
I simply made a silver tutu dress for her!

Roman refused to
 dress up in his Lion 
costume so Jared filled 
in the 1st night! 
(and I thought Roman was the one with no opinion) 

 The girl's LOVED their costumes! 
They even won a costume contest
 on FB and made it on the news! 
(although that is a whole other story)

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  1. Julia, those ARE for sure, the cutest costumes I have ever seen! Love it! What a beautiful family!