Thursday, December 29, 2011

11 & Counting!

This morning we went to Portrait Innovations to 
get the annual Nixon Grandchildren Picture.

11 Grandchildren 7 and under! 

Nina, Preacher,
Lottie (3 wks), Roman (2), John Robert (1),
 JohnMark (7), Nixon (5), Ella (4),
 Isla (3), Sara (2), JennaLeigh (1), 
Johnna Katherine (3), & Julianna Marie (5)

I must say it went MUCH better than last year!
More than two children were
 actually looking at the camera!

Although, we did not get a group picture 
of all the kids without Nina and Preacher. 
Roman did not want his picture taken! 

We gave up and took pictures of 
The GIRLS...

 and then The BOYS! 
(the ONLY picture Roman cooperated in)

Roman would not sit for any picture!
This is the only one I got of my 4. 

My pretty girls!

My brother's boy, John Robert, won the prize.
He loved the camera!

John Robert and his sisters.

 Ella and Sara

 My sister's 4!

JennaLeigh loved that lollypop!  

I love Johnna Katherine's face below!

I adore all the pictures but I especially
 love the ones with the girls! 
I know they will love these when they get older!

And I almost forgot ROLL TIDE ROLL!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

10 days old

I feel like it has been forever since the last time 
I posted but I went back to check the 
date and it has only been 14 days. 

In the last 14 days we have 
celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary, 
two birthdays, and Christmas all 
in the middle of adjusting to life with 4 kids!

Needless to say any free moment I 
have had to sit and type I have either

A. Been too exhausted to do 
anything that involved thinking and effort
B. Fallen asleep.

So, I will be spending the next several 
weeks playing catch up.
I only have a few more days
 of 2012 and then
 I will be printing our 1st Cartee 
Family Scrapbook. 

I am so excited about getting 
my blog printed into a family scrapbook. 
Even though I have missed many fun memories
 these past couple of weeks I am 
determined to catch up to complete this year! 

I've decided to start with an easy one. 
Below are beautiful pictures my neighbor Nicole
 took of Lottie last week. 

Lottie 10 days old

This dress is the "coming home" 
dress Gue made/smocked her.  

 I love her lips in the two below!

She has the longest fingers and toes...

and bright blue eyes!

I love this expression!

I adore this Christmas picture!
Too bad we had already
 sent out Christmas cards!

We have been trying to figure 
out who she looks like?
To me she looks just like
 Isla with Roman's hairline. 

We have enjoyed the 1st 10 days so much! 
Of course all she does is eat and sleep. 
We also were blessed to have Nina or Gue 
with us to help the 1st couple of weeks. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Coming Home!

Mrs. Sue smocked and made
 this beautiful pink dress
 for Lottie to wear on the 
day she came home.

We were a little rushed and so 
we didn't get too many good pictures. 

Lottie also got pretty mad
 because of the flash! 

Our last few moments of peace and quiet!

We love this picture! It looks 
like she's holding on for dear life!

 Leaving the hospital! 

The girls were so happy we were home and 
they could finally hold their baby sister!

Our adventure with 4 kids has finally started! 
Cartee Chaos has never been a more
 fitting name for our family blog!