Monday, April 8, 2013

Gue and Pop's Egg Hunt!

For the past few years
by the time Easter finally arrived
the kids had attended 3 or 4
Easter Egg hunts. 

For some reason or another this
year we did not go to any
which made the annual egg hunt at Gue
and Pop's even more special and fun!

The cousins lined up waiting for 
Walker and Gue to 
hide all the eggs!

All the cousins had 
on their Easter shirts. 
Roman loved his because it had
a mustache like Pop!

Eggs were hidden everywhere
for the kids to find!

Ready, Set, Go!

It was Lottie's 1st 
egg hunt that she was old enough to 

When she wasn't walking by her 1st birthday
I knew she would be walking by

But she proved me wrong :/

Why walk when someone
will carry you everywhere you need to go? 
Even to pick up eggs!

Roman loved finding eggs!

Isla was so excited!
She found the silver egg!

I hope $1 always gets
her this excited!

Nixon definitely won the
prize for finding the most eggs!

Everyone was so excited to 
find prizes inside their eggs!

Nixon's favorite egg 
prize was the baby chicks 

Roman's favorite 
(and I'm pretty sure all the boys) 
were the army men!

Isla's favorite
(besides the $1)
were the rings and candy!

Lottie definitely 
loved the candy 
inside the eggs too!

The kids always 
look forward to the egg
hunt in Leroy!

Even baby cousin Ivy joined
in on the fun!

The showing off their eggs
is a way we get them to line up for a 
group picture!

This is all the cousins
 besides Walker.
( he's a little too old for Easter Egg hunts) 

I never really got a 
great shot of everyone looking.

Fun times and great memories
made at Gue and Pop's!

We love cousins, traditions
and prizes! 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Daddy-Daughter Dance

Tonight was our 1st 
Daddy/Daughter Dance!

Nixon has been looking for the perfect
dress for months!
It was one of the 1st times
I let her go shopping
and pick out whatever she wanted. 

She insisted that 
it sparkle and twirl!
(I vetoed a few one shoulder 
dresses and very over priced ones) 

I am pretty sure it was the 
butterflies that sold her on her final choice. 

She let me curl her hair for the big event.
(which she never lets me do) 

She was beautiful!

Jared surprised her
with a corsage.

Your daddy should always be
 the 1st man to bring you flowers!

She loved it!

At the dance they...

Decorated and 
ate cupcakes!

Played with the


Danced some more!

We actually watched Nixon
dance. We had no idea she
had so many moves! 

She danced and played 
with her friends!

She was so excited
when her best friend 
Jayden showed up!

They danced for a while!

Everyone had a great time!

I asked them both what their 
favorite part of the night was 
and they both agreed it 
was dancing together!

Towards the end 
they were both tired.
Jared worked up a sweat 
with all his dancing! 

They headed out a few minutes early
to finish their
date at Sweet Frogs. 

I couldn't help but smile
 and laugh watching
Nixon on the 
dance floor tonight! 

I'm so glad I volunteered so
I could be there. 

She was wonderful! 
She is definitely my little
Dancing Queen.