Monday, February 4, 2013

Lottie's Winter ONEderland!

On December 6th 
our little Charlotte Rose
"Lottie" had her
very 1st birthday! 

We had been in Texas for about 3 months
so we had a small celebration
with Jessica and her kids. 
We missed our other cousins and 
grandparents but we had a fabulous
day celebrating! 

Doesn't she look like she's
having a fabulous time? haha!

We planned to go on a picnic
to for lunch at the 
Dallas Arboretum 
but the weather did not cooperate so 
we headed to the Galleria
so the older kids could go ice skating! 
(which went along with the
whole Winter "ONE"derland theme)

Unfortunately, Isla started vomiting 
so our visit to the Galleria was cut short.

I had so much fun making 
 Lottie's Winter ONEderland

I had purchased 
an antique high chair earlier
this year primarily
so I could have it for Lottie's
1st birthday but it was left in Alabama.

So I had nothing but a big ugly
plastic highchair for Lottie to sit
 in while eating her cake.
(after two children 
using a "pretty" wooden highchair daily
I finally caved and admitted the big ugly 
plastic ones are way more functional) 

Knowing that our highchair would
 not make very cute pictures 
I was a little disappointed. 

But Jared came to the rescue!
My creative husband surprised me with
 the antique sleigh below. 
He thought it'd be great for 
Lottie to sit on
while eating her 
Winter ONEderland cake! 

I wish I had made a backdrop 
for pictures but 
I did all I could during this chaotic time! 

The food was so much fun
and even better it was VERY easy!!!

I ordered Lottie's
cake from a lady here in Forney.
They were delicious!

Lottie's smash cake!

chocolate covered nutterbutter cookies

for building igloos
Candy dipped marshmallows with snowflake sprinkles

for winter skating
blue jello

I'm not sure, Jessica brought this!

chocolate covered pretzels (store bought)

for a cold day!

for a chilly day!

A dose of warm & happy!
This was a favorite! I got an incredible 
recipe offline for crock-pot
hot chocolate! It was amazing!


As Nixon reminds me often,
no party is complete without

The cousins played 
"Snowman Snowman 
Where's My Snowflake?"
(Doggy Doggy Where's 
my Bone?)

Simple games keep them 

Even Lottie tried joining in
on the fun!

We also hid snowflakes around 
the house and had a hunt!

The kids played
"Musical Snowflakes"
with Christmas music.
(musical chairs) 

After game time it
was time to eat!

Lottie had her 1st hotdog and
it's now her favorite!

Poor Isla could only eat
jello but she
didn't mind!

Jane Madeline
enjoyed her dinner!

I can't really
say what Lottie
liked the most. 
She ate ALOT! 

I don't think Lottie 
knew what to think about 
her party!

She looked so cute in the 
shirt Gue sent her! I made her 
a matching tutu!

She definitely 
wasn't in a picture taking
mood unless it involved food!

I tried snapping a picture 
of everyone on the 

Big sister Nixon!

Big sister Isla!

Cousin Julianna

Cousin Johnna Katherine

Cousin JohnMark

Baby cousin 
Jane Madelynn

Roman and 
JennaLeigh LOVED
the sleigh!

They stayed on it
most of the party!

Our kids now think every
party should have 
games and crafts!

So I thought long and hard 
about what to do for Lottie's

I hate doing things just to do them. 
I was so excited when I 
saw these paintable 
snowflakes at 
Hobby Lobby!

I wrote the poem to go along with the
the theme and created the
perfect craft!

I know we are going to love
decorating Lottie's 
birthday Christmas 
tree each year with the
snowflake ornaments!

Everyone at the party painted
two snowflakes.
One to keep and one to 
hang on Lottie's tree. 

Even Jane Madelynn
had a snowflake painted for Lottie's tree!

I think her tree turned 
out adorable!
I love the memories it will
 bring each year!

After paint time it was cake time!

The 1st pics were a little blurry
and we forgot the bib. 
But Lottie did not mind!!!

After I dropped the 
cake on the floor
we finally admitted the sleigh
wasn't very practical 
either and stuck her in the ugly 

Lottie enjoyed her cake
in the chair ALOT!

While Lottie finished her
cake the kids had one more craft. 

We made snow globes!

Shakin' their globes!

It was then time to open up gifts!

Lottie received many fun 
new toys!!

Cell phones and babies 
are a couple of
her favorite!

We tried snapping a 
family birthday photo.
This was the best we got! 

We ended 
Winter ONEderland with 
a snowball fight! 

We used marshmallows and flour!

I don't think I have to 
explain how much fun the kids had!

Aunt Jessi and 
Lottie just 
watched on the sidelines!

So did daddy until...

I'm pretty sure it's
safe to say the 
snowball fight was the 
hit of the party!!!

By the end of the evening 
we were TIRED!

Although things didn't go exactly as planned
we had a wonderful day celebrating
Lottie's 1st year of life.

She has brought so much joy 
to us during this past year.

She has had a different
1st year than most babies. 

Due to my accident when
she was only 2 months old and my surgery 
when she was 8 months
 she has been cared for by
friends, cousins, aunts, 
and grandmothers for several

I completely blame them 
for her diva complex! haha!

She loves being held! 
She refuses to walk much less 
 (I am writing this when she is 
14 months old and nothing has changed!) 

She will willingly come to 
me, her daddy, her grandparents, and Haley. 
If your not on that list she doesn't really 
want to have anything to do with you.
(Please note Aunt Jessi is not on that list!) 

She will not drink anything 
but almond and soy milk!

She HATES bows, bathes
and sippy cups!

Nixon finally taught her to hold her own
bottle a couple of weeks
ago! A task most 6m olds will do!

She does love to eat!
Her favorite foods are
oatmeal, hotdogs, peaches, and
hamburger meat!

She loves feeding her
babies a bottle, climbing up stairs
 and playing with
her sisters and brother. 

But most of all,
she LOVES to dance!
From Mumford & Sons to 
Justin Beiber, she
will bounce to any beat! 

She does talk a bit. 
She says momma,
dadda, bye bye,
baba (bottle), and Roll Tide!
She knows what's 
important and sticks with
those words! 

She is in my arms 
or on my hips at least 12 hours of 
the day! I don't really get much of anything
done. But I know the day is coming soon 
that I will have to ask her to come sit 
in my lap or let me rock her to sleep
so I'm trying to enjoy every minute of it. 

Some would say she's spoiled rotten. 
But I just say she's had a lot of extra lovin' this
1st year! And who can complain about that? 

Happy 1st Birthday
to our 
Lottie Rose! 

We are looking forward 
to another fun 
adventurous year with you!