Wednesday, September 26, 2012

From the fullness of His grace...

I saw the quote above while 
scanning Pinterest
and thought it summed 
up our life and family

Below is the last of 
our pictures from 
the summers beach trip. 

I love my husband.
I love my kids. 
And I LOVE the
memories we are making

"From the fullness 
of His grace,
 we have
received one 
blessing after 
John 1:16 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Alligators and Pictures!

We tried so hard this year to get a 
entire family photo at the beach. 

Unfortunately we were
not successful!

We did manage to get all the grandkids,
Nina, and Preacher together.
Although it was NOT
an easy task. 

This is absolutely the best
 picture of the vacation!

Waking Roman up from his nap to
take pictures was
 not a good idea!

John and Roxann's family
sat still for a picture. 

Me and my girls!

It seems as though it's
becoming a yearly tradition
to take the whole family to
Bayou Bill's in 
PCB each year. 
The food is decent but the
real reason we go 
is to see the alligators!

Any restaurant that
offers entertainment for 11
kids while waiting to be
seated is great to me!

The kids even got to pet a baby

We enjoyed each others
company as we continued to wait. 

Finally we were seated and ate!

After dinner Jared and I 
were going to take a bike
ride down to Alys
Beach to watch a movie
on the lawn. 

When we arrived we realized
there was no movie.
So the kids played in the fountain 

It was a great day at the beach!