Thursday, August 25, 2011

And She Will Be Called.....

After many stressful months trying to decide
on a name for our baby girl
we finally made a decision!

We decided on a few selections already, but
always seemed to change it the next day!

I loved Livi Rose (but Jared did not).
Jared loved Piper Rose (but I did not).
And we both loved Vannah.

But in the end we decided to go back
to our original favorite.
The name I chose before I even knew
Jared would be the father of my children. :)

Charlotte "Lottie"
Rose Cartee

I had to monogram and applique a few things
to assure I would not change my mind again!

She has a little bubble for Christmas time!

A couple of burp cloths!

A bib with her full monogram!

And a little blanky!

So what's the story behind "Lottie"?

Before I ever started having children I was never sure
if I would be able to have any
(boy did we prove that theory wrong!)

I always assumed we would have to adopt.
Long before Brangelina started adopting
small countries. I always wanted to
adopt a baby girl from China.
I planned to name her Charlotte
and call her Lottie after Lottie Moon.

Now that I am on my 4th child in 5 years
I am not sure if adoption
is in our future.
(Although I would love for it to be.)

For those of you that did not grow
up learning about Lottie Moon
every Christmas season
click here to learn all about her!

In short, Lottie Moon was a young
woman who went to China
as a missionary in the late 1800's.

She gave her life spreading the gospel in China
and at age 72 during a famine gave
away all her food and
personal resources to others
which resulted in her death.

Southern Baptist now have the annual
Lottie Moon Christmas
offering that has raised a total of
$1.5 billion for missions since 1888.

Jared and I can't think of a
better role model for our girls.
A woman who not only gave her life daily to
spreading the love of Jesus but also one
who unselfishly literally gave
everything she had so that others could live.

Why "Rose"?
Well, that is a simple question.
Because that is what her sisters wanted to name her!
Nixon really likes the name Rose so I agreed
it could be her name! :)

We are so excited about our little Lottie!
We feel so blessed that the
Lord has given us 4 wonderful
children to love and to raise.

Only 16 more weeks until she arrives!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Saturday @ Lake Martin!

We had another fabulous day
at Lake Martin on Saturday.

We woke up to Aunt Dee cooking
waffles and Pop and
Gabe cooking eggs outside.
(Jared watching)

We got a few snap shots of
all the cousins together
before heading outside!

Roman (20m), Isla (3), Ellis (22m), Cooper,
Nixon (4), Reid (4), Tucker (almost 4) & Walker

Uncle Jim with Roman and Ellis.
I'm sure he was breaking up a fight!

We had a another wonderful day at the pool!

And on the lake!

That night we got all dressed up and
went out to eat delicious seafood!

Nixon and Reid!

At the restaurant we tried getting a family picture!
The bigger the family gets the harder this task gets!

It's hard enough getting
my 3 to look at the camera!

Nixon Grace had a wonderful time at Lake Martin!

She said her favorite parts were:

1. Swimming (she learned how to do a
front and back flip under water!)

2. Riding the boat
(she went inner tubing for the 1st time!)

3. Playing with Reid!

Isla's favorite parts of the trip were:

1. Playing with her cousins
2. Seeing Gue and Pop :)
3. Playing Candyland

Roman can't really talk but if he
could I am sure he would say:

1. Wrestling with Ellis
2. Riding the boat and tubing!

We ended the weekend with a fabulous meal!
It was dark so
I only snapped one picture
of Allison, Tucker and Gabe!

Not only are the kds fortunate
to have a ton of cousins their own age to play with
I am blessed to have two wonderful
sister-n-laws, Allison and Deidre!

We look forward to many
more years having fun
and making memories
together at Lake Martin
with the Cartee Family!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Lake Martin!

This past weekend we went to
Lake Martin with the Cartee Family.

We had a wonderful time!

The kids love spending
time with all their cousins!

We swam at the pool!

Reid and Cooper

Gue and Isla!

Nixon has become such a
little fish this summer!

Jared and Isla

Gue and Roman playing ball!

The kids played together inside
with the tunnel, tent, and cars!

Roman loved having
boy toys to play with!

Isla made silly faces!

Roman showed everyone
his super strength!

The highlight of the weekend was
definitely the boat rides!

Jim drove everyone around!

Nixon didn't care too much
about the boat at 1st!

But that didn't last long!

Roman had his 1st boat ride!

He loved it! He wanted to be captain!

Mommy and Isla!

Gue and Nixon!

Nixon and Reid!

We had fun watching
Walker and Cooper tube!

But it wasn't long before the
little ones wanted their turn!

Nixon Grace's 1st time
ever on an inner tube!


Reid took a quick ride with Jim!

Cooper, Nixon, and Reid!

Everyone jumped in for a swim!

Roman threw a fit because
he wanted his turn on the tube!

So Jared took a ride
with Roman and Nixon!

It took a minute for
Roman to get use to it!

But he LOVED it just like his sister!

Roman's 1st time inner
tubing at 20 months!

Isla and I just enjoyed the boat ride!

It didn't take long before Roman
was falling asleep as he
watched the others tube!

He must have been dreaming
about being on the lake! :)

Soon he was out!

Walker held him as Jared rode!

Apparently Jared I need to get a boat
so our children will take naps!

After out day on the lake
was over we went inside
for good food and
more fun together!

Ellis, Pop, and Roman!

Roman taking a break for lunch!

For dinner Jared was happy we
had his family favorite, gumbo!
(he ate three bowls?! ;)

Cooper and Nixon
enjoying their gumbo!

Gue brought crafts materials
for the kids to make a zoo!

Gue and Ellis!

Jared helping Roman

Their finished masterpieces!

Ellis, Reid, Tucker, Isla, Roman, and Nixon

Roman giving Tucker some loving!
(He gave Ellis everything
but loving all weekend!)

Isla, Nixon, and Reid enjoyed
playing Candyland together!

Before bedtime Cooper, Ellis, Reid,
and Nixon watched Davie Crockett.

We had a fabulous 1st day at the
lake making memories!

I know I have at least two
new lake lovers now!