Thursday, May 30, 2013

Legoland + Rainforest Cafe + Cousins = Great Day!

We had so much
fun last Thursday celebrating
cousin Reid's 6th birthday
at Legoland and Rainforest Cafe!

Nixon was very disappointed
that she missed our last trip
to Legoland so
she was super excited to
skip school and go this time!

They started the 
afternoon off with learning
how legos are made!

We then road Kingdom
Quest into Legoland 
shooting all the bad guys!

The cousins loved

They built cars
out of legos and raced them!

Lottie just liked sitting 
on the raceway!

They sang
karaoke in 
Princess Palace!

Lottie just danced
to the music!

We rode the Merlin Ride!

They played in 
the playground!

We visited Miniland,
the city of Dallas made out of legos!

Cowboy Stadium

SouthFork Ranch

Texas State Fair

Lottie loved exploring!

Lottie giving a lego man 

We went to 
two 4D lego movies!

The kids drove police cars
in Forest Pursuit!

The little ones played in 
Duplo City.

Isla obviously 
breaking the rules!

Jared had a good time other 
than when Lottie peed
all over him! :) 

Lottie didn't know what to
think about Dirk Nowitzki
made of legos!

Even baby Ivy enjoyed

After a full afternoon
of legos we walked over to 
Rainforest Cafe to eat dinner!

Silly picture!

1st stop is always the alligator!

My kids were excited to
share their favorite restaurant
with their cousins! 

Each child got a balloon 
animal made while waiting 
for the food!

Birthday boy Reid
got a dragon!

Roman got a dinosaur!

Nixon unsurprisingly
picked a ladybug!

Isla got a butterfly!

Ellis got a
balloon Batman!

Lottie got a baby ladybug! 

We ended dinner 
with a chocolate volcano
for the birthday boy!

A few photos from the evening. 

Nixon & Reid

Jared & Roman

Me & Lottie

Me & Nixon 

Jared lifting Lottie
up in the tress with the

Ivy, Gue, Lottie, 
& Jared 

We LOVE Rainforest Cafe!
It was a fabulous way to celebrate
Reid's 6th birthday!