Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pumpkin Party!

We threw a Pumpkin Party
at the park for our CC group! 

We painted pumpkins, played games, 
ate yummy food and played on the

I kept it very simply
(which is very unlike me)
 but the kids had a blast! 

We made our annual
Nutter Butter Ghosts!

I made Full Moon
Pumpkin Patches out of
Jello Pudding! 

Nixon helped draw Jack-O-Lantern
faces on Cuties!

And I wrapped juice boxes
to make them mummies!
The kids helped glue the eyes on! 

We painted pumpkins! 

Lottie loves to paint!

Roman and his buddy Levi!

The kids played a fun game,
"Slurpin' For Worms".
They had to use their
teeth to pick up the gummy worm!
This was definitely a party favorite! 

Lottie just wanted to eat her worms!

They also played
"Wrap the Mummy!"

We had pizza and treats!

I caught Levi! :) 

We ended the party with 
the playground! 

The kids are very thankful for the friends
they have made here in Mobile.
We are loving CC. 
We look forward to a fun holiday season 
with everyone!