Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Family Picnic

The week before my accident 
we went for a family picnic
 to enjoy the unusual 
80 degree weather
we have been having.

Of course I did not check the
 weather the day before 
 after promising a picnic to the kids
and the extra warm weather was over. 
But we still had a good afternoon.

I am now especially glad we 
went ahead and had the chilly
picnic because it was probably my last at 
the park until summer. 

We had turkey and cheese sandwiches 
and I cut them in

Nixon's exact words were
"Mommy, your the best cook ever!" 
(somehow cutting sandwiches into
triangles make them taste better) 

 Jared tossed goldfish into 
Roman's and Isla mouth. 
They enjoyed being introduced to 
the new game as much
as he enjoyed hitting them 
in the face with food.

It was Lottie's 1st picnic!
She slept the ENTIRE time.

We played hopscotch...

and other games around the park. 

Roman was just excited to
run around!

We walked down to the 
lake to feed the ducks!

Roman loved the ducks and birds!

Nixon was scared and stayed with Lottie! 

Daddy Picture!

I tried getting a mommy
picture, but they would not

 Jared ended up taking Lottie to the
 car because of the wind.

The girls wanted to 
model for the camera.
(I promise I did not stage this, 
they love to make expressions
and see themselves on camera) 

Happy Face

Sad Face

Mad Face

Surprised Face

Silly Face

I'm not too sure
about these two??

Roman let me snap one picture!

We ended the picnic 
with kids climbing on tree stumps.
(it doesn't take much to entertain them)

We had a fun family afternoon. 
I look forward to many
 picnics this summer.
(I might just have to have a few 
in the living room before then)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The "Break"

It's almost has been a whole week. 
A whole lot of hospital
gowns, peeing in a bed pans and missing my children dearly!

It happened so fast I can't believe I am getting to come
home tomorrow (still praying that works out)!

So many have asked what happened? How did you do
 that? Did you have a car accident? etc.
So in hope that I will not have to repeat
this story 5,000x,  here it goes!

Jared was asked to be the speaker at a Disciple Now
in his hometown Leroy, AL. We were all very excited to
 go down to Leroy and enjoy the weekend as Jared went
and served at his old church.

I previously had planned a 
hysterectomy for the following
Tuesday, (Happy Valentine's Day to Jared).

 Unfortunately, I spent the entire day Thursday 
at pre-op putting me very behind at work. 
 Friday came and my sweet Jared noticed
 little signs of me being stressed and overwhelmed. 
He decided I needed to stay home.
 (I tried talking him out of it it but
 he insisted he was the man and
 he made the final decision.)

I was disappointed I was not going
 to be able to make the trip but I liked the thought
 of having a weekend alone with Lottie to relax and 
enjoy and to just have a much needed "Break"!

Lottie and I enjoyed our Friday
 night together. We did all the 
laundry, lounged around, and
 made big plans about organizing
 the house in the next two days. 
(Which involved emptying most of the 
closets and bringing down half the attic!)

That evening, two college friends Haley and
 Erica came by. I introduced them to the classic 
movie "The Legends of the Fall" with Mr Brad Pitt. 
Afterwards, the girls left to go home.

I locked the doors and turned on all the lights. 
Being the scardy cat that I am I 
was not able to go to sleep right 
away. I decided to clean! 
I began by putting fresh sheets 
on everyones beds, I started in Roman's room.

Meanwhile, Lottie was fast asleep 
in the living room in her bassinet.

All of a sudden I heard a jingling at the door, 
I heard someone trying to enter the back door. 
Of course I froze in fear! All the bad thoughts 
that could possibly come into my mind started flooding in.

All I honestly remember is LOTTIE and that
 I needed to get LOTTIE! So as my memory 
serves me I ran into the living room from 
Roman's room. I either jumped over the 
ottoman or jumped and tripped over something?????? 
I am not real sure but what I am sure of is that when
 I landed I heard a loud POP! 
I was on the ground and I could not move.

From there the adventure began!

 I was lying, screaming on the living room floor when 
I realized Erica had just left her keys inside the house!
My wonderful neighbor Nicole and her husband 
Heath ran over to rescue me, busting windows and all! 
I refused to ride in the ambulance (those things are way to expensive)
which led to a  a 5 hour wait in a wheelchair
(should of road the ambulance), a few x-rays, 
a cat-scan, a couple of doctors 
and two orthopedic surgeons later----- we discovered 
 I had a upper tibial plateau fracture. In plain english-----
I broke the top part of my big bone in my leg 
into my knee which means
I will not walk for 2-3 months :/

As you can imagine I was very emotional and I
 had to wait for Jared to arrive. We planned 
surgery for Monday and I honestly was so doped 
up on morphine the 1st several days I do not remember 
much. I am sure if you would like to speak to
 Jared he has some funny tales to tell!

This adventure has caused me to create a 
few new rules for our marriage:

#1 Do not allow your spouse, who after receiving
 large quantities of narcotics, 
to use FaceBook, 
Twitter or any other forms 
of communication 
anytime soon. 
Even if they promise to just "look".

#2 Do not allow your spouse to send out mass
 texts the morning 
after major 
(morphine clouds judgment)

#3 If your spouse offers you a "Break" 
double check he doesn't mean a 
broken bone:)

#4 Be glued to your spouses side after any major 
surgery or ordeal. They need you,
 they love you, they
 depend on you for keeping their crazy 
b/n you and them. 
That  is why God gave you to each other

We are not sure what the next few months have in store for us 
but we do know Who is in control. 

No walking with 4 
littles ones seems insane!!!
BUT we 
 trusting in 
our Lord. 

We are beyond blessed with each other
 who we can love & lean on; trust on daily, we are blessed
 with an amazing church home who already has
 provided food, childcare, and simple fellowship 
we could get from no other place. 

In this time of chaos I am reminded of 

Deuteronomy 7:9

Know therefore that the Lord your God is God, sthe faithful God
 twho keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love
 him and keep his commandments, to a thousand generations,

Friday, February 10, 2012

Look Whooo's 2 Months Old!

On Monday,
 Lottie turned two
months old!

She is sleeping good. 
Getting up once a night to eat!
(of course after that feeding she wants 
mommy to hold her until morning) 

She is all smiles!

She loves her pacifiers!

She still likes mommy to hold 
her about 20 hours a day! 
But she starting to 
play on her play mat!
(a little)

She likes to stick her tongue out!

She is the sweetest baby ever! 
(I'm a little biased!)