Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Nursery is Complete!

Finally, the nursery is complete! 

We moved 10 days after Roman was born and lived in a 
rental for a few months.
 (we are actually now just in a different rental house) 

Poor Roman never really had a decorated nursery. 
So I was determined I would do something for Lottie and Roman.

Yes, Lottie and Roman will be sharing a room. 
Roman will be turning 2 within days of Lottie's arival. 

I have talked to many moms about 
toddlers/ babies sharing rooms 
and I have heard many success stories.
 Roman is our best sleeper so I think it will work out great.
 If not I will have to give up my sewing space and guest bed.

After looking for cute bedding for a little boy and baby 
girl I realized I was not willing (are able) to pay the prices
 for the things I liked so I decided to make everything!

I am NOT a seamstress so don't look closely!
Thankfully I had my sister and 
mother-n-law to help me with a few things!

I have to give props to Jared for all the painting! 
He painted the room, the armoire, 
the baby bed, and the mirror!

Yes, he is wearing he does not normally wear jorts. 

I think the all the furniture turned out great! 
It definitely gave the old furniture a new look!

The gold mirror turned out perfect too!

I made the curtains. 
This is NOT a "Roll Tide" room as Nixon says. 
We just like elephants! 

Roman moved to a big boy bed back in August. 
I was hoping to keep him in the crib for a 
while longer but he kept jumping out! 

Mrs. Sue brought her machine last weekend 
and she made bedskirts and monogrammed everything.

I love how Roman's pillow shams turned out! 

We also made a changing 
pad cover out of a towel!
Thanks Carmen for the idea and the pattern!

As I said before, we are in a rental so 
there is no changing the light fixtures.

I absolutely love and miss the dainty chandeliers
 that were in the girl's nurseries. 

Lottie and Roman are stuck with an ugly ceiling fan.
But I did find this fabulous idea on Pinterest to 
make a lampshade for the ceiling fan!

I also made one for the little lamp.

My biggest task (and accomplishment) 
was the baby bedding!
Particularly the bumper pads. 

Thankfully Jessica was visiting and helped me cut things 
out and make sure we knew what the pattern was talking about. 
I also found out piping isn't that hard!

I was very worried about the ties but 
they weren't that hard! 
(and they turned our long enough!)

My most favorite thing about 
the crib bedding is the sheet! 
Mrs. Sue made the sheet out of extra fabric while 
she was here. I had seen a monogrammed sheet at a
local boutique and really wanted it for Lottie. 
I LOVE how it turned out!

I also love the chevron pillows. 
I have extra fabric and I
 am trying to brainstorm something to do with it!
 It's too cute to go to waste!

A few accessories for the room...

I saw this verse framed in a friend's nursery and I loved it. 
It definitely fits us perfectly!

No little Bama boy's room is 
complete without a 
signed Alabama Football
 from the National
 Championship Team from
 the year he was born!

I'm leaving room on shelve in hope that 
Lottie can get one this year. 
With Oklahoma State losing 
last night she might get one! :)

A picture of the kids the day Roman 
came home from the hospital. 

A few gifts I received at the church 
shower really add to the room! 

 There are a few little things 
I want to add but for the most 
part the room is ready for Lottie! 

Only a few more weeks until she arrives!