Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Morning 2012

Christmas morning 
was so much fun!

The kids were so excited!
Each had asked for a few particular
items (nothing that cost too much)
so we were able to get what they 
asked for! 
(I realize that will not stay
the same in years to come)

There's really no need
for too many captions. 
I think the pictures do the talking!
I love that I was able to 
catch the excitement!

Lottie slept through
the beginning of Christmas 
morning. Since she didn't
feel very good I decided
 not to wake her up. 

But when she did awake
she did not know 
what was going on!

The kids played with their gifts for a while!

Daddy joined in on
the fun!

But they were ready to 
open the gifts under the tree! 

Every year I let each 
child pick out their own
wrapping paper.

They love going to the
 store and picking it out!

This year Nixon picked Barbie.
Isla picked Justin Beiber (I was NOT surprised!).
Roman picked Superhero. 

It makes wrapping much easier
and fun!

I didn't bother to wrap any
of Lottie's gifts.
She was content playing 
in her new ball pit!


Isla's biggest request!

We played for a while longer.
Roman loved his radio
operated car. 

He also liked 
Lottie's gifts!

Isla wore her new shirt for
days until I insisted we wash it!
Lottie and daddy spent most
of the morning playing on the

We on accident ran out
of milk the night before and I left my
eggs at Jessica's house. big Christmas morning breakfast 
was impossible to cook! :/

I had to make due with what 
we had so I quickly came up with 
reindeer muffins and fruit 
candy canes. 

Not too much but it made the kids happy! 

Lottie loved it! 

We ended the morning
with Jared reading Luke 2. 

I snapped a picture before we all gathered round. 

It was a wonderful 
Christmas morning as 
seen by the faces of 
happiness and exctement!

We are so blessed to
be able to give our children gifts
and spend time together as 
a family. 

Jared and I are
blessed and thankful for our 
relationship with Jesus Christ. 
It brings us joy to teach our children 
the Truth not only
on Christmas morning but everyday
of the year. 

We are humbled by the greatest of 
His love and all the many
blessings he has
entrusted us with.