Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 1 and Day 2 of Nixon Family Vacation

 This year we decided we have outgrown
the usual beach condo and
we rented a house in Seacrest, FL.

11 children (under 8) & 11 adults
make for an exciting week! 

We set our alarms earlier than we
ever do (7:30 am) to start the trip 
Saturday morning in time
to visit PawPaw Wamble in Niceville. 

The kids and Haley 
our babysitter 
(don't judge, we will actually 
get to go eat a few nights without kids)
were ready to hit the road bright and early!

We stopped in DeFuniak Springs 
(my mom's hometown) to eat at 
Ed's Tasty Freeze. Apparently 
the name changed but the 
shakes are still delicious!

We arrived at "Happy Hour"
just in time for check-in!

The kids were excited to see their cousins!

Of course the kids were 

ready to hit the pool!

JennaLeigh & Roman
enjoy riding the wagon to the pool!

We stayed in our 1st night 
& ordered pizza from Bruno's. 

The only downfall of living in 
eastern time is vacationing in central. 
The kids wake up SUPER early!

We hung out on the front porch
until the others woke up!
(excuse the fog, the humidity is incredible)

Once everyone woke up 
it was time to swim in the pool!

We spent the afternoon
on the beach!

Julianna, Johnna Katherine,
JenaLeigh & JohnMark

Lotte's 1st time on the beach!

Nixon, Lottie, & Isla

Nina & Preacher
came down to the beach for a while. 

The kids love playing in the
sand. For the 1st time in years
we do not have any kids
who hate the sand!

Sweet JennaLeigh


The kids had fun burying

The water is beautiful 
this week! Literally, the
prettiest I've ever seen it! 

Everyone loved swimming
in the gulf, including Lottie!

Haley and Nixon!

Roman is really enjoying the beach!

For dinner decided to go to The Back Porch. 

We actually got a decent family photo!
I wish Lottie was looking.

The Pools
Jessica, Mark, Julianna, JennaLeigh,
JohnMark & Johnna Katherine. 
(and baby girl on the way!) 

Our beautiful girls!

Getting a group shot of the kids
is a little hard after a 
long day of swimming and 
playing in the sand!

Me & my Lottie at 
The Back Porch!

I love that Lottie
is big enough for a highchair now!

Roman and JennaLeigh coloring!

JohnMark practicing hair styles
on Isla. (using rubber bands might I add :/ )

Lottie enjoyed mashed potatoes!

The annual chair picture did not go as
planned! The sun was a little bright!

Our 1st couple of days of vacation were
wonderful. Great weather, beautiful water,
yummy food, and kids are not too whiney :) 

Looking forward to John, Roxann,
 & 3 more cousins arriving tomorrow!!