Monday, November 28, 2011

Trip to the Zoo!

A few months back Nixon Grace 
asked me if elephants were really real? 
I realized that she was too 
young to remember our trips 
to the zoo and that we really 
needed to take the kids back soon!

We have been trying to take them since 
August and haven't found
 the time until this past week!

We stopped at Montgomery Zoo on
 our way to Leroy for Thanksgiving! 

Jared and I were a little disappointed because 
most of the animals were sleeping/ hiding.

It was kind of like "Where's Waldo?" 
at most of the exhibits. 

But the kids had a wonderful time!

We saw all types of birds!

We saw sleeping bears!

The kids really liked the reptile exhibits!

Isla tried to kiss the frog 
and turn him into a Prince!

Roman had fun making all the 
animal sounds as we passed by!

Isla was our "navigator". 
She held on to the map and 
told us where to go!

She led us to the big kitty cat! :)

It was a perfect weather to walk around 
and look at all the animals. 

The best exhibit was the giraffes and zebras!

The kids really liked the elephants too! 

Of course when asked 
what the elephants say
 the kids said,

We took a short break at the 
elephants so Lottie could rest!

Roman fell and got a boo boo.

Since most of the zoo animals were not very
 cooperative I spent most of the time 
snapping pictures of my 3 monkeys! 

The highlight of the day
was riding the horses!

 All Nixon talked about the entire 
day was getting to ride a horse!

To my surprise, Isla even rode! 

We ended the day with a train 
ride around the zoo.

Roman loved the Choo Choo!

Nixon said her favorite animals
 she saw were the gorillas!
 And of course she liked
 riding the horse the most!

Isla said her favorite animals 
she saw were the monkeys!

Roman still refuses to talk but 
I am pretty sure he liked riding 
the Choo Choo the best!

It was a fun family day and a wonderful 
way to start Thanksgiving Weekend!

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  1. I love that Nixon asked if elephants were real!

    You guys should totally come to NYC. You'll have your own personal tour guides. :)