Wednesday, December 8, 2010

You've Been Drafted!


We had Roman's 1st Birthday Party Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend!
It was a great party with our closest friends and family!

Below is Roman's adorable "Big AL" cake!

We celebrated Nixon's 4th birthday too with the family!

This was her "Cheerleader Pyramid" Cupcake cake!

We had cookies,

football Krispey-Kreme doughnuts, chips &
dip, pretzels, pizza and capri sun!

I made Roman a birthday banner along with a mix CD of Alabama football music that played over the speakers!

Gue made Roman this adorable birthday hat and bib!

Decorations included a framed invitation and a 2009 National Championship Signed Football (I won it last year at a Fall Festival)

Party Favors!- I found these cute football bags on Ebay and put football whistles, footballs and Crimson necklaces for the girls!

I also made white pompoms out of garbage bags for each of the girls! I was impressed how well they turned out! Much better than the cheap ones you buy at the dollar tree!
Sarah cheered so hard her skirt kept falling down! :)

My favorite thing I made for the party were the houndstooth party hats w/ crimson pompoms!

First Quarter- Play Time!!!

When I arrived to decorate this football toss game was in the gym! It went perfect with our theme!
JohnMark throwing the football!

Craft Table- The girls colored wooden megaphones on a stick and the boys colored wooden football players and football puzzles! This was a big hit!

We brought a small bounce house for the kids to jump in!

The kids played "Pin the Football in the Goal"

Roman and his Cousin Ellis played in the gym!

Cousins John Mark and Reid fought with the gladiator sticks!

Roman enjoyed cruising around in cousin Reid's Car w/ Gue!

Second Quarter-FOOD!!!!

Kids waiting for food!
Jared serving!

Reid grabbing a yummy cookie!
JohnMark and Johnna Katherine enjoying some food!

Gue feeding the birthday boy pizza!

Time For CAKE!!!!

Roman blowing out the candles!
Not too sure what to think?!

Cousin Reid giving Roman some sugar!

I think he liked it!

Nixon trying out the cupcakes!

Third Quarter:
Time to Open the Presents!!!!

Nixon opened her gifts 1st!
She LOVES Barbies!!!!

Roman and his gifts!

He loves his new slide Aunt Jessi bought him!
And his new Toy Story Couch!

Fourth Quarter:
The party ended with a Megaphone Pinata!

Pop and Roman checking out the Pinata!

The kids stood in a line waiting their turn cheering!

Nixon took a pull!


JohnMark got his stash!!

Roman even found him a piece!

Roman had a WONDERFUL 1st birthday! We are so blessed with so many cousins, family and friends to share our special times with!

Preacher and Nina!!!
Aunt Deidre, Ellis and Reid!
Uncle John, Aunt Roxann, Ella, Sarah, and baby John Robert!
The Smiths!- Ken, Sharon, Julia, and Sarah
(who took turns holding babies!)

Gue and Pop!!!!

Aunt Jessi, JohnMark, Julianna Marie, Johnna Katherine and Jenna Leigh!