Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Isla's Party We Go!

Isla has been talking about her 
Snow White party for over a year now!
The day finally came in April
for little Miss Snow White 
to have her 4th birthday!

Being immobile for
3 months before her party gave 
me alot of time to make plans
but it did not make implementing
those ideas very easy.
Thankfully I had alot of help 
from my mom, sister, 
Nicole, and Haley! 

I had alot of fun learning to use photoshop
and making all the tags
and labels for the food and

I also made these invitations 
using photoshop.

We spray painted gift card tins,
put lentils and beads inside.
I added cording so the
 kids could use the
 jewels they found to 
make a necklace!

I was once told that
 the invitation
 should set the
stage for the party.
I think these fun and creative invitations
did just that!

Each princess took home a homemade 
Snow White tutu bag filled with...

a golden mirror,

and a birdie whistle.

Each prince in attendance
 took home a bag filled with
a whistle and a dwarf hat!

We had several baby princesses
so they each received a 
personalized princess
burp cloth along with a tutu bag.

As the kids arrived at the party there were
several fun activities for them to do!

Each guest had their picture 
taken in this Mirror Photo Prop.

My favorite activity
I made was the 
7 Dwarf Ring Toss

I made the dwarfs using
two liter bottles and felt.

Roman and JennaLeigh's
favorite activity was definitely 
Mining for Jewels!

We also had 
Bashful's Bubbles!

Jared was in charge of the 
Snow White Wishing Well
As you can see
 creativity is not his gift!

I appreciate his effort. 
The kids did not care what it 
looked like,
they loved tossing pennies in 
the wishing well!

We hid the Queen's poison
apple in the Enchanted Forest.
The kids had to search for it.

Callie Jo found the apple!

After she found the apple we 
played Pass the Poison Apple.
I downloaded the Snow White
soundtrack off of Itunes and Jared set
up the sound system.

The music was playing 
throughout the party.
But for this game when the music stopped 
the child holding the poison apple had to 
"go into a deep sleep".

I would then give them a 
hershey kiss (in the place of
a kiss from a prince)
to wake them up so 
they could continue 
to play the game.

We also had the
Seven Dwarfs Cabin for the
kids to play in!

For decorations I used alot of pictures
of the birthday girl!

My neighbor Nicole did 
an amazing job on the pictures!
You can see them all here!

For centerpieces for the tables
I made pompom wands.
I made enough for each of the 
cousins to take one home. 
I think they turned out real cute!

I found pre-made apple 
dye cuts at the Dollar Store and
I used my cricut to make the birthday banner!

The party looked great
despite the wind and heat!
(who knew we would have record breaking
heat in April?)

The highlight of the party
was the food!

made this AMAZING cake.
And trust me when I say her
cake is the best cake
you'll ever put in your mouth!

Look at all the details!

LuLu also made these
adorable Snow White cookies.
Her cookies are my favorite thing
to eat on earth!
Unfortunately I did not get 
a very good picture of them.

To drink we had the
Queen's Poison Punch.

I got the idea off of pinterest to
serve the drinks in mason
jars using cupcake liners as lids.

This a great idea especially 
for little ones. But I must 
warn you that if
it's hot outside the drinks 
will not stay cold for long! 

We also served 
water from Snow White's 
Wishing Well.

We served 
Not-So Poison Apples.

Caramel Apples

& rice krispie apples with
tootsie roll stems and jelly bean leaves. 

There were crown shaped 
turkey and cheese sandwiches.

Prince's Pizza

Snow White's favorite fruit!
Strawberries, blueberries, & pineapple!

Jelly Gems
(I do not recommend
these to be served in direct sunlight, 
they were completely
melted by the time guests came!)

Everyone had a great time 
eating all the goodies!

For my girls the birthday cake
is the most important part of their
birthday. I have tried to
do cupcakes but they always insist 
on a cake!

All Isla wanted was to eat
 Snow White!

Bella enjoyed 
the birthday cake too!

Isla finished her cake in
the Dwarf's cabin
with JK!

After cake 
the birthday girl 
opened up her gifts!

She received some
really great gifts!

Of course her
sister was just as excited about
the new toys!

Who came to 
Isla's party?

Mommy and Daddy!

Big sister Nixon!

Baby brother Roman!
(aka Future Prince Charming)

Baby sister Lottie!

(who had Lottie duty during the party)

Cousins traveled all
the way from Dallas to
join in on the fun!

Julianna Marie

Johnna Katherine



Aunt Jessi

Mrs. Nicole & Brinley came!




Miss Haley

Miss Erica

Several friends from church came!






Callie Jo

We had several more guests that
just did not get their
picture taken! 
We are glad everyone chose to join us
for Isla's celebration!

As the party was ending 
all the kids decided they wanted to
be dwarfs!

Even sweet Brinley!

Below are a few fun pictures
and action shots of the day!

Nixon, Libby & Isla

Tatum mining for jewels!

Maggie enjoying a
rice krispie apple!

The ring toss became a game of bowling!

JK waiting for her kiss!

Tatum and Bella gabbing a bite to eat!

All the cousins minus JohnMark
and Lottie before the party! 

Kids getting ready for cake!

Julianna was apparently
good at mining for jewels!

Brody sitting in the shade 
drinking some punch!

Roman with a whistle!

The birthday girl
mining for jewels!

This is where Roman sat most of the party!

Nixon eating the 
poison apple!

Sweet baby Lottie 
had a good time!

Me & the birthday girl!

We had a wonderful day!
I absolutely love creating special
days for my children. 
I know Isla will 
remember her Snow White
party for years to come!

She is already talking about next 
year's Snow White party!
Hopefully I can get her to 
choose a different theme.
She did mention 
Belle yesterday??

Jared and I are so thankful God 
chose us to be the parents of such a
sweet, spunky, strong willed,
crazy hair girl! 

We love you Isla and 
look forward to 
watching you grow.

You will ALWAYS be 
our little Sleepy Judy!