Friday, May 27, 2011

Potty Trained- FINALLY!!!!

I was very unsure this day would ever come!

Isla has had no interest at all
in giving up her diapers.

Exactly one month after her 3rd birthday
she went and spent the weekend with
Nina and Preacher and when
I showed up she was wearing panties!

Since then she has had no accidents!

Nina took us girls to get our nails done as a prize for the big accomplishment!

Nixon's fingernails were painted hot pink with flowers!

Nixon wanted white toenails with
hot pink polka dots!

Nixon waited patiently as her nails
dried while Isla got her's painted!

Isla insisted on having pink glittery nails!

Isla decided to have her toe's match her sister's!

All Isla asked for was Jesse (off of Toy Story) panties!

I never dreamed we would be able to find them.
After looking all over Tuscaloosa for a
week Nina mailed Isla a special package!

Jesse Panties!!!

Isla is soo excited!

I'm even more excited I am down to only
one child in diapers!
(at least for about 6 months!)

Disney on Ice-Toy Story 3

Nixon's day-school went to Disney
on Ice for her end of the year field trip.
Isla and I tagged along.
We all had a wonderful time!

I had a great idea to make cute little outfits
for the girls and their friend Libby.
After 9 hours of appliqueing the shirts I didn't think
it was such a great idea! :)

Although, they were the cutest kids there!

Nixon and Libby!

Isla enjoying the show!

I didn't get many pictures of the actual show
but the girls really loved it!

Their favorite part was of course Barbie and Ken!

Isla said she really like Jesse and Woody too!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A week of Cousins!

The 1st week of May we had so much fun with
Mom, Father, JohnMark,
Julianna Marie, Johnna Katherine,
JennaLeigh and Jessica visititing!!!!

The girls love their cousins!!!

They also love to dress just alike!

Johnna Katherine and Isla

JohnMark, Nixon, Julianna, and JennaLeigh!

Preacher and Nixon and Johnna Katherine!

Monday was "Bring a Friend to Ballet" Day!
Nixon was so happy Julianna was their to join her!

The girls showing us their moves!

Jules, Isla, and JK enjoying a snack!

Movie time!

JennaLeigh and Roman playing together!

The kids enjoyed racing down the driveway on the scooters!
Jules cheering Nixon on!

JennaLeigh watching Roman do what he likes to do best....EAT!

We had a great week!

It began with Isla's birthday party and
ended with the Cotton Pickin' Fair!

It's a full house when everyone is here but we love it!!!

Cotton Pickin' Fair 2011

Last May my sister and the kids were visiting and we had to come up with something to do to get everyone out of the house. A friend told me about the Cotton Pickin' Fair and we thought we would go check it out.

We all fell in love!

Shopping, good food and entertainment for the kids, we couldn't ask for a more perfect day!

The Fair is the 1st Saturday of every May and October in Gay, GA. We missed October b/c JennaLeigh was born (which was a great excuse) but we made it back this year! Again, we had a fabulous time!

Nixon Grace and Julianna posing for a picture before we left!

The kids enjoying watching a puppet show!

Sitting down for a snack while watching the cloggers!

JohnMark and Roman enjoying a corn-dog!

The boys sword fighting with their corn-dogs!

Roman enjoying his 2nd corn-dog! :)

There was so much to do the kids had to choose
1 thing they wanted to do most!

Johnna Katherine, Nixon Grace and Isla chose pony rides!

Julianna Marie and JohnMark chose Sand Art!

The Sandman gave all the girls (and Roman) sparkles!

The kids enjoyed cotton candy and shaved ice!

Julianna, Nixon, Johnna Katherine, and
JohnMark really liked watching the line dancers!

Of course we couldn't leave without getting all the girls face painted!

Julianna Marie painted like a butterfly!

Nixon is a rainbow butterfly!

Johnna Katherine was painted like a kitty cat!

Roman was entertained with hitting the balloons with a pin for about an
hour as we waited for the girls to get their faces painted!

JennaLeigh sat quietly and enjoyed the ride the entire day!

Isla slept most of the day but when she woke up we took
her to get her face painted as a rainbow!

This is definitely a new tradition for us!

Hopefully we will make it to the
Cotton Pickin' Fair in October (it won't be as hot!)