Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gumdrop Turkeys!

I came across so many cute 
Thanksgiving edible turkey crafts 
this year but I really wanted to
 choose one that the girls could make. 

So we decided to make Gumdrop Turkeys!

I saw the idea on Pinterest but 
like always I improvised
 with what I had and substituted a 
few suggested ingredients!

We used fruit slices for the bodies, 
spice drops for the wings & face,
 nerds for eyes & nose, 
slithers of gummy worms for the beard 
and icing to hold everything together!

 They were a bit more difficult than I expected 
so I am glad Ellie and Haley were there to help!

The girl's 1st Turkeys!

 They had fun making the 1st few

but of course soon got bored and
 wanted to eat all the turkey parts!

A few of the turkeys became 
Princess Turkeys with crowns!

 We had to lay the turkey's on 
their backs so they would dry. 

 I think our Gumdrop Turkeys 
turned out pretty cute!

Our turkeys are now ready
 to travel to Leroy 
tomorrow to share with the cousins!

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