Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Breakfast!

My sister and two of her girls
 arrived around midnight last night!

Nixon and Isla were sooo 
excited to wake up
 next to their best friends, 
Julianna Marie and Johnna Katherine!

I decided to throw together
 a last minute
 Halloween Breakfast for all the kids!

We had Doughnut Mummies (or ghosts? I can't
 decide what they really look like?) 

White donuts on skewers with chocolate morsels as eyes. 

 Pumkin Oranges!

Sausages wrapped in biscuit strips with mustard eyes!

Ghost Milk!
Of course the girls made me
 add bows to make them girl ghosts!

Ghost Plates!
(It's amazing what you can do with a black sharpie!)

They were so excited about 
their special breakfast!

To my surprise they LOVED
 the oranges the most! 

 Roman enjoyed his breakfast too!

He really liked it when he 
got to play with the skewers!

We had a great start to a fun day!!! 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Clown Day!

Today was Clown 
Day at Preschool! 

I was bit of a procrastinator on 
the girls clown costumes. 
I had made Nixon a tutu last year for Clown
 Day and I intended to make Isla one. 
I decided to take the DORA tutu from her
 birthday and add more colors. 

I grabbed a pair of adult clown tights 
and cut them up to make leg warmers. 
I was lazy and and didn't really finish them
 but it was a lot less work and still did the trick!

Mrs. Sue appliqued Nixon a clown t-shirt last year and
 I intended the girls to wear appliqu├ęd shirts but they 
were no where to be found. 
(I have a feeling we will find them when we 
get around to cleaning our playroom!) 
So about 1am this morning I used left over 
tulle and cut strips of the tights to
 make bows to add to white t-shirts! 

All together I think the girl's clown
 outfits turned out cute! 

I also was inspired by Pinterest to make these 
cute clown hats filled with candy!

There was no tutorial, I just based it off a picture I saw.

I used waffle cones, red icing and skittles.
I bought gum-balls to put on the top of each 
hat but I learned very quick that they were too heavy.

I also bought laffy taffy to fill each cone but 
they were to big so I used Skittles!

Again, not what I planned but they turned out cute too! 
And were very easy to make!

Nixon came up to me at the party and said 
"Mommy, I really like the clown hats you made. 
You are the best cook ever!"

This made me laugh b/c I am NOT a cook!

What did we do at Clown Day???

We snapped a few pictures before we left the house!

We tried getting Roman to pose for a picture.

The girls gave "clown kisses"

 Isla sang the blessing before 
she ate her party food!

Isla shared her food with Roman! 

Isla grabbed a picture with 
her teacher, Mrs. Michelle!

                       Nixon partied in her room!

Nixon and her teacher Mrs. Regina!

We then went outside to 
play carnival games!

Isla's favorite game was the fishing game!

Roman even got a few turns!

Nixon played every game atleast 3x!!!

Jared was managing the bean bag toss for a while.

The girls had a great time with their daddy!

The kids then enjoyed all their candy they won! 

They have enough candy to 
last a couple of months!

Jared and I took a few pics with the clowns!

It was a great day! 

As we were walking to the car 
Nixon said it was the best day EVER!