Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Pinteresting Crafts!

Our playroom 99% of the
time looks like a bomb has gone off.
Until this past week!
I have been looking
everywhere for a way
to organize the girl's
dress-up clothes
and saw this idea on Pinterest!

It is the best idea ever!
For a week now the playroom
has stayed clean and organized!

-DIY Chalkboard Label
Crate Organizer-

My inspiration came from no
other than

My Finished Project!

Very Easy to Make!
1. Buy the crates ($3.50 @Walmart)

2.Buy light switch covers ( .37 cents @Walmart)
3. Spray paint the light switch covers
with chalkboard spray paint.

4. Run ribbon through the
pre-made holes to attach to crates.

5. Fill the crates with toys,
dressup, etc. and label!!!

I LOVE this!
It has really helped the girl's
keep the playroom organized!

This past weekend unintentionally
became about organizing our life!

Weekly Family Calendar,
Weekly Meal Planner,
Dress-up Organizer, and
now the girl's a Chore Chart!

I do not think I have anything else I
can turn into a DIY Dry Erase board
but this was a great idea off of Pinterest too!

-DIY Dry Erase
Chore Chart-

My Inspiration came from

My inspiration is a lot fancier than mine
b/c she uses photoshop.
(she has a template on her
blog if you use photoshop)

I do not have photoshop so I had to improvise.

My Finished Project!

I tried to do basic chores and things
I want the girls to do everyday.

1. Sleep in their bed
(ALL night! This is a tough one for Isla)
2.Brush their teeth
3. Pick up all their toys
4.Pick up all their shoes and clothes
5. Read (or be read to)

The girls are only 3 and 4 so I think the pictures
are great to use! And they love marking
each box off each night!

Our house has never
been cleaner and
neither have their teeth!

It's only been a week
but so far this is the
best thing I have come
up with for the girls.

Friday, July 29, 2011

My Pinteresting Weekend!

This past weekend the girls went and
stayed in Leroy for a few days.
I took the opportunity
to get off my computer
(I have a slight obsession
according to Jared to Pinterest)
and make a few things that I
have found the last few weeks.

If you don't know what Pinterest is
it is probably for the best.
You are saving yourself endless
hours of looking at
pictures creating long lists of
future "to dos" and "must haves".

Saturday morning Haley,
Tiffany,Roman, and
I went thrifting for
finds to make our projects.

I apologize I wasn't too good
at taking before and after pictures!
I was too excited I was actually
having "me time"!
And I only had a three
hour window (Roman's nap)
to get everything painted!

-1st Project-
DIY Dry Erase Board
Blessing Weekly Calendar

My inspiration came from

My Before - A $5 find at a yard
sale earlier that morning!

My Finished Project!

How To?
1. I just popped the glass out.
2. Spray painted the frame black.
3. Put a piece of burlap behind
the glass ( which I can change for holidays!)

4. I choose to say "This Week's Blessings"
b/c I needed a central place Jared and I
could write down what we had during the week.
I liked the idea of being reminded that
having a doctor's appointment
or a late meeting is blessing not a disturbance.

5. I made fabric flowers out of burlap
and black polka dot fabric.
They need help, I know!

This Past Week's Blessings!

-2nd Project-
Kid's Art Display

I saw this on Pinterest and LOVED it!
My girl's are little artist and love
when I hang there pictures up!
I want to find chunkier picture frames
but I had these in storage so they were free :)

My inspiration came again from

I didn't get a before picture :/

But my Finished Project!
(I kinda combined the two ideas!)

How To?
1. I simply took the glass
out of unused frames
2. Spray painted the frames
3. For the chalkboard frame I spray painted
the inside cardboard with chalkboard spay paint.
4. For the others, I used floral wire and
taped it to the back and used
clips to hold the girl's art.

I have a new obsession
with chalkboard spray paint!

I love how the
wall turned out!

-3rd Project-
DIY Dry Erase
Weekly Dinner Menu

I so needed this! It has actually
made me cook more this week!
(okay, it has made me buy groceries so
Jared has cooked more this week!)

My inspiration came

My Finished Project!

How To?
1. Spray paint frame
2. Stick a piece of scrapbook
paper behind the glass.
3. Stick on scrapbook letters on the glass
4. Use dry erase markers to plan
and remind yourself of this week's meals!

Jared thought it was funny to draw the
McDonald Arches on the whole week! ;)

-Project #4-
Haley's DIY Dry Erase
To Do List

My friend Haley is leaving for college
in about a week and made
the same thing with a little twist!

Before (or during)

Haley's finished Project!

Since I had the spray paint out I decided
to paint a few picture frames
in the living room. This particularly one
was cream. It looks much better
white matching the b/w pic!

It's amazing what you can do with
a little spay paint!
(especially chalkboard spray paint!)

I did a few other projects
before the day was over
but I will save them for the next post!
They are my favorite!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The End of a Wonderful Vacation!

The last couple of days at the beach we
were slackers with the cameras so I
don't have too many pictures.

We had a good day swimming and
spending one more day at the beach.

That evening Jared, Haley, and myself
decided to watch all the kids so that the other
adults could go out to eat in peace.

Don't let these pictures fool you.
The kids were being bribed with
food to sit still for a few minutes!

Roman thought it was fun to
constantly steal Sarah's pacifier.
She did not find it as fun!

Everyone got a cookie
for sitting still! :)
JohnMark enjoyed
being the oldest!

Johnna Katherine and Nixon
enjoyed their happy meals!

After dinner Haley and I took the older
kids to the "Dive in Movie" at the pool!

The kids enjoyed watching
"Monsters VS. Aliens" poolside!

Jared kept Sarah and Roman inside
where Roman conitinued to eat.

I did not realize how often and much
Roman eats until I started
looking at the pictures!

He seems to be eating in all of them!

He really enjoyed his apple
the morning we left the beach!

The last day of vacation someone
had a great idea to drive to Destin to the outlets.

Toddlers and Outlets will NEVER happen again.
There are no pictures because I honestly
do not care to remember that part of the vacation.

We were excited that our cousin Kailyn
drove over to see us and join us for dinner that evening!

We spent our last night of vacation
going to dinner without kids!

We went to The Red Bar- one of our favorites!

JennaLeigh was allowed to join us.
She slept the whole time!

We had a fabulous week!
Full of swimming,
building sand castles,
sliding and EATING!

Most of all we were able to
spend time with our
family and allow the kids
to make memories with their cousins!

Hopefully this is only one
of many more family
vacations to come!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 5 of Vacation!

We had a blast the
5th day at the beach!

We swam at the Pool!

Preacher even came down and swam with the kids!

We had a a wonderful
visit with Aunt Rita!

We enjoyed the beach!

John Robert loving the sun!

Until he passed out under the tent!

The kids loved playing in the "river"!

Nixon Grace searched for seashells!

Roman loved the water!

Roman thinking about
jumping in! (and he did)

Isla and Sarah built a
bridge across the water!

Roman helping out!

Ella having fun on the beach!

Nixon and mommy!
I think this was literally
the only two minutes I
got to sit the entire week!

Haley held JennaLeigh
as she napped!

Nina and Preacher came down to
watch the older kids slide!

Julianna Marie!

Nixon Grace!

Nixon with JohnMark
and Ella behind her!

I'm not sure how much
Ella liked the slide?

JohnMark LOVED it!

We snacked!

The babies played!

We went out for dinner!

Roman and John Robert!

Isla and Julianna grabbed a
quick nap while we dressed!

In fact, Isla slept for a
while & Sarah joined her!

Swimming wore the kids out!
Johnna Katherine

Ella and Julianna
were ready to go!

John Ashley and John Robert!

Jessica snapped a few
pictures while we waited in line!

JohnMark, Julianna,
Preacher & Ella

Julianna Marie, JennaLeigh,
& Johnna Katherine

Isla, Roman,
& Nixon Grace

Jared, Roman,
Isla, Nixon, and Julia

We enjoyed a great dinner!

Daddy and Nixon!

Daddy & Isla!

Mommy and Nixon!

Mommy and Roman!

Roman enjoying his
favorite food, corn on the cob!!!

The kids enjoyed a fun
ride on the train!

Nixon, Julianna, Johnna Katherine, and JohnMark!

Jared rode with Roman and Isla!

We had a wonderful day!
The kids are already
asking when we get to go back!