Monday, November 21, 2011

Gingerbread Jubilee!

Sunday afternoon the girls and I 
went the Gingerbread Jubilee. 

This is a wonderful event in Columbus that 
benefits the Children's Miracle Network. 

Their friend Ava came along with us.

We had a great time looking at 
all the gingerbread houses!

 Then we got to make our own!

Isla's Sunday School teacher 
Mrs. Sheryl came to help Isla!

Isla loves Mrs. Sheryl!

Nixon and Ava put about 10lbs 
of candy on their house!

It wasn't long before Isla got bored decorating
 the house and started eating all the candy!

Nixon took a few bites too! 

 The girls had a so much fun 
building their gingerbread houses!

The girl's houses turned out great 
and we all had a wonderful time!

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