Monday, September 2, 2013


During our 5 week road trip
the kids and I spent 
a few days in Leroy.

Isla informed me just yesterday
during lunch that if Jared
and I die that she was going to live with
Gue and Pop. She convinced 
Johnna Katherine that she should live with
them too because they have 
a water sprinkler and a baby pool!!! 

It's amazing how the small things
leave the biggest impressions. 
Even after spending two weeks 
at the beach with beautiful pools
she is more impressed with 
a water hose and baby pool! :) 

Looking back at these pictures 
I can see how much
fun they had playing with Gue and
their cousins! 

Please excuse the
poor picture quality. 
I tried taking my camera 
off of auto! :) 

The kids had so much fun.
Their smiles so it all!

Roman's "mens"!

Lottie wasn't too sure
about the water!

Talking to daddy!

Somehow I ended
on the other side of the camera. 


Later that night Nixon 
lost her 1st tooth!

We were able
to mark "Swim at 
Tucker's Pool" off our summer
bucket list! 

Cousin Fun!