Monday, January 23, 2012

Monkey See Monkey Do...

Roman turned 2 on December 16th. 
I knew December was going 
to be a crazy month so
 I went the easy way out and had 
his birthday party at Monkey Joe's. 

Roman LOVES Monkey Joe's!
Anywhere he is allowed to run and 
jump freely is perfect for him! 

It also was great for me too. 

They only allow people
 to bring in cake and party favors, nothing else!

So it kept my creative
 juices from overflowing
or as Jared would say, it kept me 
from going overboard with a theme! 
(and since I did plan the party on Lottie's due
 date it was good I was creatively strapped!)

Gue made the birthday boy
 a cute birthday shirt!

I opted for cupcakes.
Roman, unlike his sisters, hasn't hit the 
age that he insists on a cake!

My friend Haley made these 
delicious chocolate 2's!

I had big plans to make sock monkeys for all 
the kids as party favors but I ran out of time.

After searching all over T-town and here
for a bakery that even knew what a sock monkey was,
my mom found these adorable 
cookies at LuLu's here in town! 

They made great party favors 
and they were delicious! 
(I highly recommend LuLu's)

Roman had a blast!

Roman was blessed to have family 
drive over to celebrate his birthday!

Pop and Gue came!

Cousins Walker,



 and Ellis came to play!

Nina and Preacher were there!

Granny Nixon!

Aunt Alli

and Uncle Gab!

Of course everyone wanted 
to meet and hold Lottie!

But Roman did not mind because he 
was too busy playing with his friends,




and simply having fun with everyone!




Libby, Nixon, and Fallon

Roman even got 
to meet Monkey Joe!

When it was time to eat and open up
 gifts he got to sit on 
the big inflatable throne!

He loved it!

 We sang to him and he 
blew out his candles!

The kids ate cupcakes and ice-cream!

Everyone enjoyed the party!

The cupcakes were delicious!

Roman got some cool gifts!

We tried getting a family picture....

a little hard with 4 kids!

Even little Lottie had a good 
time at her 1st birthday party!

 Below are several pics we 
snapped of the kids before we left for the party!

My favorite of Roman!

I love that I was able to give Roman a 
birthday party he really enjoyed!

Roman has been a joy the past two years! 
He has allowed his sisters to paint his 
finger nails, put bows in his hair and 
dress him up like a princess!

I don't think the girls realize that all 
of this will soon come to an 
end as he grows older.

He loves his sisters! 
He calls Isla "LaLa"
Nixon "Nix"
and Lottie "Baby".

I have been a little worried that he
 does not talk much at all compared 
to other two year olds but the doc
 assures me it is only because his sisters 
do all the talking for him!

With all his surroundings being pink 
he still proves to be 100% boy!
He loves balls, bats, cars, and animals.
He loves anything that makes a loud noise,
 his preferred instrument is a pot and spoon!

Roman is my baby boy and as 
many mothers told me, there is nothing 
like a mommy and her baby boy. 

We love him so much and are
 blessed to have him in our lives!

I look forward to watching him grow. 
We all know he will make the best husband 
one day after dealing with all his sisters! 

Happy 2nd Birthday to our baby boy!