Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Break '14 Part 1

The kids and I traveled to Tuscaloosa 
Saturday to spend a few days 
with their cousins and grandparents. 

We kicked our Sprig Break off with 
celebrating Pop's birthday! 

He had a lot of help
blowing out his candles. 

Riding the "roller coaster" 
down to the lake was definitely
highlight of their stay!

They enjoyed feeding the ducks!

Lottie & Pop!

Playing on the deck!

They love their Gue & Pop!

Of course my Drama Queen
had to squeeze in a photo-shoot! 

It was a beautiful couple of days 
to play outside! 

Lottie and Ivy had
 a fun time together! 

They played nonstop and
 only took breaks to eat!!

On Sunday the kids had
 fun decorating the boy's
Bat Cave and rocket.

We ended our stay with 
All You Can Eat Pancakes 
at McDonalds!

We had a great time visiting with
 Gue, Pop, Aunt Deidre, Uncle Jim,
and the cousins! 
The only thing missing was Jared.

Looking forward to
 all being together
again at Easter!