Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Doc McIsla's 5th Birthday

Isla turned 5!

I can't believe my
 sweet girl is 5!

For a year all she talked about was having 
a Muppet birthday party
but at the last minute she changed
her mind to her
favorite cartoon
Doc McStuffins!

I was all for it because 
Doc McStuffins was
a lot more fun and easier to plan! 

As the guests arrived they
were greeted with a sign 
that directed them to get their very own 
lab coat and stethoscope!

After they grabbed their lab coat and 
stethoscope they checked-in 
at the check-in table and
received their
personalized doctor's badge!

They also received
a personalized clipboard to

After they finished decorating
their clipboard they 
picked out their sick toy.

They took a checklist and headed to the 
clinic to find a diagnosis!

JohnMark takes after his father 
and decided to do heart surgery 
on his animal!

No birthday party is complete 
without party games!
(at least that's what Isla tells me)

We played 
"Pin the nose on Chilly"!

We also tried playing
a relay race with 
tongue compressors and 
cotton balls. 
The wind made it very difficult!!!

My favorite part of every 
party is the food!

We had 
Band-Aide Wafers!

Cotton Ball

Kisses for Your

Pretzel Thermometers!

An Apple a Day
Keeps the Doctor Away!

Purple Cake!!!!

The adults
 had yummy food 
inside too!

Hotdogs were
 the main course!

"Happy Birthday
to You!"

JenJen and Roman
LOVED the cake!

The themed food was
a hit!

All the doctors had a
great time playing, 
eating, and hanging out!

This picture is a perfect
 display of  how Roman
felt about the "girl" party!

Towards the end the
kids were playing doctor
on each other and daddy!

We managed to get a group
picture most of the doctors!

At the end of the party 
Isla opened her gifts!

As you can see,
Nixon was just as excited
about the presents!

I tried getting a 
few family photos but Lottie 
was asleep. 

Nixon was in a very
kissy mood!

She got lots of birthday lovin'!

We are so thankful for all 
our family and new friends we
have in TX! 

They really made
 the party special 
for Isla!

(and her brothers) 


Johnna Katherine








And many more!

As a special thank you
we had several goodies 
for our guests as they left the party!

Tic Tacs


Lambie Tails

As the party closed down we
were serenaded by Isla
with her new guitar!

Lottie finally decided to wake up!
(yes, that's what happens
to her face when we let her eat cake or cupcakes)

I had so much fun celebrating Isla's
5th birthday!!!

I could not have done it 
without the help of my sis!