Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Roman!!!

December 16, 2012
Roman turned 3 years old!! 

He had been talking about 
a Spiderman party
for months!

Since we had just moved to Dallas
and his birthday was on a Sunday
we decided to spend the
afternoon at the Dallas Zoo.

We woke up before church to open presents!

He loved his new
Spiderman shoes!!!

He had lots of
helpers opening gifts!

Gue made him a Spiderman 
shirt to wear!

After church we headed to the
Dallas Zoo!

We started the celebration with
 lunch and cupcakes!

I forgot the candles in the
car so he blew out
pretend candles!
I don't think he even noticed!

The cupcakes were YUMMY!

Because we just moved to
Dallas we didn't have 
any kids to invite but
with so many siblings
and cousins Roman didn't even notice!!

Unfortunately, Jessica and Mark
were at the hospital with Jane Madelynn. 
We missed having them with us
to celebrate Roman's big 

But we did have....

Big Sister Nixon

Big Sister Isla

Baby Sister Lottie

Cousin JohnMark

Cousin Julianna Marie

Cousin Johnna Katherine

Cousin/ Best Friend

We were happy 
our cousin's cousins 
got to come celebrate with us! 
(Mark's sister Jennifer 
and brother-in-law



Our new friends Eric and Caroline
also joined us for the celebration!

They had asked us to go to lunch 
but since we had plans we invited them to
go to the zoo. 

I don't think when they said yes they
realized what they 
were signing up for!!! haha!

The kids automatically 
fell in love with them! 

They were a great help!

After lunch and cupcakes we 
opened up presents!

We had so much fun 
walking/riding around looking at the animals!

They loved the Koalas!

And the kangaroos!

Roman said his favorite 
animals were the penguins!

The kids also had fun
climbing on the turtle!

Roman and Landon
were happy just 
playing in the leaves!

We tried getting a group picture of
all the kids but it did not
work out!
(please notice Julianna pouting
in the background! haha!)

Roman wasn't feeling 
a picture either!

We did manage to
 get a decent family picture. 

The group's favorite 
animals were definitely
the giraffes!

Lottie didn't know what to think!

Because it was Sunday the
zoo closed early so we 
did not get to see all the animals!
(Kids were slowly crashing
so it was probably for the best) 

We had a wonderful time!

I LOVE this picture
of my sweet girls!

We ended the afternoon
with a ride on the carousel!

While everyone loaded the car
I took Roman into
the gift shop to
pick out whatever 
he wanted!

He found a gator and of
course a "Roll Tide"
he HAD to have! 

Our past 3 years have 
been made even better
 because of our little boy! 

Although surrounded by girls,
 he is the toughest 
roughest boy I know!

He is afraid of NOTHING!
He jumps off of everything.
I even found him hanging 
off the ledge from our second story!
How he has not broken anything is a miracle!

Thankfully he has recently stopped biting and
started talking! 
(two things that make my life much easier)

He loves all things Batman, Spiderman...
really anything that has to do with 

He loves to play with his 
sisters even when it involves Barbies and

When he says a prayer
he always thanks God for his family,
food, and football! 
(We have no idea where he learned that!)

He could live off
chocolate milk and white doughnuts,
if I let him!

He would watch 
Jake and the Neverland Pirates and
Yo Gabba Gabba all day 
if he got to choose!

We love him more and more 
each day!

I look forward to seeing the
young man he is
going to become in years to come. 

But until then I am enjoying 
spending my days
chasing after him and
snuggling and holding him
when he slows down
those few moments each day!