Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wrapping Up Dallas!

I am finally wrapping up 
our fun trip to Dallas. 

It's funny, Jessica and I spent the entire two weeks sewing
 for the kids but I do not have any pictures! 

Sometimes we get so busy we forget to get the camera out!

Below are a few other things 
we did with the kids while in Dallas.

Colored with Chalk!

Roman and Johnna Katherine

Nixon really missed her daddy so 
she drew a picture them playing.
Julianna Marie decided to draw Uncle Jared too!

JohnMark and his masterpiece!

Isla and JK!

It was JohnMark, Julianna, 
and Johnna Katherine's
  1st Day of School while we were there!
(Jessica and I did make their dresses)

Of course they had to have a silly picture!

Nixon and JohnMark!

JohnMark and Isla!

Roman LOVED playing
 with JohnMark's dress-up!

We ate Mexican! (my favorite)

We  played on a 
HOT HOT playground!

Roman's favorite thing to do was
 to climb up and down Aunt Jessi's stairs! 

And to help JennaLeigh!

We went two weeks with only
 one child getting a virus!

 That is a record for us! 

But she felt better real quick!

Jessica and I did get one night 
out without the kids. 
We went shopping, got pedicures, 
and enjoyed a quiet delicious meal!

We look forward to our next 
visit with all the cousins! 

They are coming to Alabama 
at the end of October for Halloween! 
(and for me and Jessica to 
go to Atlanta Market!) 

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