Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1st Day of Pre-K

  We are so very happy the the girls are able to attend preschool 
at our church this year. Today was their 1st day. 
They will be going 9 to noon giving me and Roman 
time to go grocery shopping and keep the house clean ;)

I made the girls dresses for their 
1st day of school while I was in Dallas!
 I absolutely love how they turned out!

I didn't want Roman left out so I made him 
coordinating pants and shirt. 
(yes I know, the polka dots are borderline girly)

I interviewed the girls before and after school. I hope to make this a yearly tradition.

Isla Katherine 1st Day of PreK-3

Before School- Isla and Mommy

Mommy- Are you excited about school?
Isla- Yes!
Mommy- What do you think you are going to learn about?
Isla- Jesus
Mommy- Jesus? What about Jesus?
Isla- About the boat and Noah and he drowned.
Mommy- Noah did not drown.
Isla- Well, that's what I'm gonna learn about.
Mommy- Okay, well what do you want to do?
Isla- Play
Mommy- Do you think you will make new friends?
Isla- Yeah
Mommy-  Yes ma'am?
Isla- (Smiling big) Yes ma'mam!
Mommy- I think you will have fun and make alot of new friends!

After School- Isla and Mommy

Mommy-  What did you learn about at school?
Isla- About Jesus
Mommy- What about Jesus?
Isla- He walked on water... and Peter drowned.
Mommy- Peter didn't drown, baby. (I don't think they even learned about Peter)
Did you learn about your ABC's?
Isla- No.....yeah yeah! We did singing and watched movies!
Me- You watched movies? What did you watch?
Isla- Max and Ruby
Mommy- Did you make any friends?
Isla- A little...It was Allie and .....what's her name?
Mommy- I don't know? You'll have to ask tomorrow. What was your favorite part?
Isla- Coloring
Mommy - What did you color?
Isla- A banana, a strawberry....a flower...and a boat!
Mommy- Wow! That was a lot! What kind of boat did you color?
Isla- God's boat. It drowned. (She's a little obsessed with everything drowning in the bible)
Mommy- Do you want to go back tomorrow?
Isla- Yep! It was fun!

Nixon Grace 1st Day of PreK4

Before School - Nixon and Mommy

Mommy- Are you excited about school?
Nixon- Yes!
Mommy- Why?
Nixon- Because I'm going to a new class and I'm back! (we've been out of town for over two weeks)
Mommy- What do you think you are going to learn?
Nixon- About Jesus.
Mommy- Anything else?
Nixon- I think I am going to learn that pee pee (as she holds herself like she needs to go to the bathroom) starts with the letter P!
Mommy- Your right! Do you need to go to the potty?
Nixon- Yes (she goes potty)
Mommy- What else are you going to learn?
Nixon- I need to learn how to write my whole name. Not just Nixon but Nixon Grace Cartee. Julianna knows how to write Julianna Marie Pool.
Mommy- That will be good to learn. What do you want to do most?
Nixon- Play outside!
Mommy- Do you think you will make new friends?
Nixon- Probably. Actually I already have friends.
Mommy- Yes you do, I think you are going to love it!

After School- Nixon and Mommy

Mommy- Did you like school?
Nixon- Yes!
Mommy- What did you learn?
Nixon- I didn't learn how to write my whole name! (in a very whiney voice) But I drawed a school bus!
Mommy- Maybe you will learn that another day. Did you make any new friends?
Nixon- No, now get me dress-up! I didn't get to play dress-up at all at school or watch a movie! (still in whiney voice) 
Mommy- We will play dress-up after lunch. Sounds like your tired.
Nixon- Isla got to play for 8 whole minutes at school and I only got to play 3 minutes. Isla had a bestest day than me.
Mommy- I think you both had a great day. What was your favorite thing you did?
Nixon- Mmmmm...the prize.
Mommy- You got a prize? What did you get?
Nixon- A lollipop!
Mommy- What else did you do?
Nixon - I don't remember? (she was loosing interest in my questions)
Mommy- Did you color?
Nixon- Yes ma'am
Mommy- Do you want to go back tomorrow?
Nixon - Yes ma'am. No one got their name on the board! I'll go back.

Roman stayed home with me. 
(We went to Publix)
He ran around the house asking 
"Where's LaLa? Where's LaLa?" (Isla) 

We got a few snapshots before school!

 This year's backpacks!

Isla and her teacher, Mrs. Michelle. 

Isla and her buddy Brody from 
church in their classroom. 

Nixon and her teacher, Mrs. Regina.

Roman grabbing some water 
before we picked the girls up.
(he was ready to see them!)

 They both looked like they had a great day!

I'm very thankful they are able to go learn and make friends.
 But I am also happy it is only a few hours a day. 
I can't even think about kindergarten without tearing up. 
I don't want to imagine Nixon being gone all day! 


  1. I love all of Isla's responses about drowning! Too funny.

  2. i made bare sit and listen as i read all the interviews :)...i think nixon has her dad's attention span!!