Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dog Piles & Smiles!

Looking back at our pictures 
from Dallas I realized we did ALOT! 

You pretty much have to stay 
busy to stay sane with 7 kids (6 four and under)

The best pictures and the happiest I saw the kids were
 from a night we decided to stay home and let the kids play outside!

Isla and Julianna Marie

Isla and Julianna, Nixon and Roman, 
& JohnMark and Johnna Katherine!

 Dog Pile! 

Unfortunately we did not know there were ants
 crawling all over the kids during this fun time!

 And Isla is apparently allergic to them! 
(yes, her neck and bit of her face looked like this too!)

So the night did not end as fun as it began
 but it was nothing a call to the doctor 
and a little benadryl did not take care of! 

Also, Isla refuses to walk in grass in fear of ants now!

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