Monday, September 19, 2011

Pool Time @ the Pool's!

My sister's new house has a
 neighborhood pool. 
I must say this is now
 on my wish list. 

Who wouldn't want access to a clean pool (including a kiddie pool) that you don't have to clean? 

Also, there are no worries of the kids getting outside and having an accident! 

We took advantage of the pool a 
couple of times during our visit in Dallas. 

We picked up food and had a picnic! 

Jessica and JennaLeigh

JohnMark enjoying a burger!

JennaLeigh enjoying apples!

Julianna and Nixon posing for a couple of sweet pictures!

 Pool Time!

Nixon and JohnMark!

Johnna Katherine!


 The kids loved the fountains in the kiddie pool!

 Kids just having fun! 

Roman playing with JennaLeigh!

Nixon, Julianna, & JohnMark 
posing for one last picture! 

I have a feeling this concluded our summer of swimming. 

All 3 of my kids went from not even wanting to leave 
the steps of the pool in May to swimming like  little fish by August!

Nixon has swam all summer without floaties! (without Jared there I forced her to wear them, I had my hands full! 
And she's not as good as she thinks she is!) 

Isla actually gets in the pool! Yea Isla!

And Roman has NO fear! 
We have to keep a close eye on him or
 he will jump in without any adult! 


  1. Looks like y'all had a fun time!! Your family is so pretty Julia!!

  2. Thanks Lauren! We did have a great time but it's nice being home getting into a routine again!