Friday, September 2, 2011

5 Princesses and Muscle Man!

We have spent the last two weeks in Dallas, TX 
visiting my sister Jessica and her family.

We have had a blast! It will take me forever 
to post all the fun things we did during our trip!

Jessica bought these fabulous dress up outfits 
for the girls. Each girl got their favorite 
 Disney Character! (at least their favorite this week) 

We took the kids outside to have a tea party. 
Like I always say, I am NOT a photographer but we
 did take the opportunity to snap a few cute pictures! 

Nixon Grace as Rapunzel!

Julianna as Sleeping Beauty!
(Or Sleepy Judy as Isla says)

Isla as Snow White!


Johnna Katherine as Cinderella!

JennaLeigh was the little Fairy!

And of course, Roman did not want to be left out 
so we found him one of JohnMark's old costumes. 
He was Muscle Man!

 Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty headed to the shady trees!

Cinderella and Snow White getting ready for their Tea Party!

A Princess Tea Party!

It wasn't long before Muscle Man decided to join in!

The girl's enjoyed having a princess tea party 
but it wasn't long before the TX heat 
drove us all inside!

Roman didn't mind being outnumbered.
But I do think we need to find him some pants for his costume! 

Having 5 girls (soon to be 6) is so much fun! 
We are looking forward to many 
more Princess Tea Parties!

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