Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Johnna Katherine!

While we were in Dallas we got to celebrate 
Johnna Katherine's (my niece) 3rd Birthday!

I must admit I did not know the
 names to ALL the
 My Little Ponies until this party!

Jessica did a great job with all the fun stations! 

There was "Rarity's Mane Grooming Station"
where all the girls made their hair beautiful!

Isla doing her hair!

The girl's "grooming"!

"Twilight Sparkle's Sparkle Station"
The girls LOVE makeup!
They had a great time with the 
body glitter, eyeshadow and lipgloss!

Here's Jessica applying the Birthday Girl's Makeup!

Isla showing off her eye makeup!

 There was also 
"Scootaloo, AppleBloom, and 
Sweetie Belle's Cutie Mark Station"

Incase your not familiar with 
My Little Ponies, each pony has a Cutie Mark.

The Birthday Girl getting the same 
Cutie Mark as her favorite pony, Rainbow Dash!

She is such a cutie pie!

I'm not sure what JohnMark 
chose as his Cutie Mark?

After getting their Cutie Mark they came to
 "Sweetie Belle's Hoof Painting Station"
to get their hoof's painted!

I painted the Birthday Girl's toes and fingers
  her favorite color, BLUE!

Juliaanna Marie having 
her toes painted PINK!

Johnna Katherine's cousin 
Lorelai came to celebrate!

Roman was feeling left out. 
So I finally agreed to paint a couple of toes blue!

There was also "Toola Roola's Art Station" 
where the kids made and decorated 
Rainbow Dash streamers 
and Cutie Pie wands!

Julianna Marie

Isla and Johnna Katherine!

After Dinner and Cake the kids went outside to
"Rainbow Dashes Game Zone"

I'm not sure why Roman does not
 have on pants at this party?

Roman of course found the football! 
(that makes up for the painted toes, right?)

The girls playing "Horse Horse Pony!"

Before heading outside we ate dinner and cake! 
Even the food had cute pony names!

"Braeburn's Oat Cookies"
These were delicious! I ate them all week!!

"Rainbow Dash's Cookies" & "Pony Haystacks!"

"Apple Jack's Fruit Stand"

"Pinkie Pie's Watering Station" 

Jessica made "Rainbow Dash" Punch! I love punch!

Johnna Katherine helped 
Jessica make "Rainbow Dash Cookies" on a stick!

Roman really enjoyed these! 

He enjoyed them all week!

I am normally not a fan of 
Bar-b-que but it was delicious!

Everyone enjoying dinner!

Johnna Katherine and Julianna Marie!

After dinner it was time for CAKE!

Love this picture of the Birthday Girl!

Johnna Katherine enjoying her cake!

Johnna Katherine opened up her 
many many presents!!!

We gave her a LaLa Loopsy doll 
and a LaLa Loopsy Ferris Wheel!

Johnna Katherine colored rainbow 
favor bags for all the kids!

The girls got alot of great goodies inside!
Including a My Little Pony, 
a bottle-cap neckalace, a bracelet, and more!

The boys received a horse and knight,
 a bottle-cap necklace, 
coloring book and more!

They all loved their goodie bags!!

My favorite station at the 
party was "Fluttershy's Picture Booth".
Each guest had their picture 
taken with the birthday girl!
 (later to be used in Thank You cards) 

Isla and Johnna Katherine getting some 
pictures taken in the photo-booth!

Isla with her shades on!

Nixon Grace!

Mommy and Roman!

The Birthday Girl on the Pony!

The girl's posing for a few pics!

Julianna and Isla

Isla, Nixon and Johnna Katherine

My family with Johnna Katherine!
(again, not sure where Roman's shorts are?)

Here is us trying to get a picture!

We probably should have tried 
BEFORE all the kids had cake!

The Birthday Girl's Family!

It was such a wonderful party! 
Below are a few random snapshots!

The girls playing with JK gifts!

JennaLeigh (the Birthday Girl's baby sister) 
chewing on whatever she can find!

I love this of Johnna Katherine! 
She really has the CUTEST personality!

Nixon Grace enjoying the party!

They all made a party-train at the end of the party!

All the cousins outside as everyone left! 

Silly Face!

Me, JohnMark and Jessica! 
(Baby Lottie is in there too!)

We had such a wonderful time celebrating Johnna Katherine's 3rd Birthday! Living 13 hours away, we are not always able to make it to birthday parties! 

It was a great start to a two week stay in Dallas!

Isla was very excited she was able to 
celebrate with her cousin, 
her best friend, Johnna Katherine!


  1. I didn't even know the ponies had names! I bet Jared loved Roman's blue toes!

  2. With no kids you have an excuse! My kids watch My Little Ponies everyday and I didn't know! .....I don't even think Jared noticed his blue toes?