Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ellis Turns Two!

  This Friday we took a quick trip to Tuscaloosa.
My Grandmother Nixon has moved in with my parents.

The kids love seeing their great-grandmother Nixon. 

Isla read Granny Nixon her new book 
"Pinkalicious and the Pink Pumpkin"

Granny Nixon crocheted the girls penguins. 
Nixon named hers "Shimmer".  
Isla's is named "Sparkle".
They have been their new sleeping buddies!

We all talked to JohnMark on FaceTime while 
he showed us his newest Lego creation. 

Saturday morning we went to Ellis's birthday party!

It was the cutest doggie party!

The girl's enjoyed cake!

And fruit!

They also got to see Gue

and Pop!

Nixon, Roman, and Isla with the Birthday boy!

Tucker joined in for a picture!

Roman loves his cousin Tuck Tuck!

Jared and Isla enjoyed the wonderful cool 
weather swinging on the 
porch while spending time with family!

Nixon LOVES playing with cousin Reid.

Although on our way home she whined, 
 "Reid and Ellis only have boy 
toys at their house, no Barbies!"

Roman loved it!
 He actually got to play
 with boys toys for a change! 
(notice Elvis and Batman are fighting!)

Isla helped Ellis open up his gift. 
We got him "Lama Lama Red Pajamas".
 It is our new favorite nightly read! 

Nixon loved the party favors!
 Little stuffed puppies with 
each child's name as the collar. 

Aunt Dei, Nixon, and Nixon's new puppy, Sally!

It was a great little trip! 
We love seeing Nina, Preacher
 and Granny Nixon even if only for a night. 

We had a wonderful time at
 Ellis's birthday party. We are so glad we were
 able to make it and see all the Cartee family!

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