Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things!

While we were in Dallas we had many 
fun outings but below 
are 3 of my favorite things we did!

Pei Wei! 

I LOVE Pei Wei! 

It's basically the fast food version of P.F. Changs 
and there aren't any (that I know of) in Alabama.


Who wouldn't want to go to 
the Galleria and go shoe shopping with 7 kids? 

Nixon picked herslf out these fabulous blue twinkle toes!
But we settled on TOMS for everyone!

Unfortunately, I do not have 
a picture because they had to order their sizes
and ship them to our house.

They were bribed with cookies 
for good behavior in the shoe store.

Roman was so funny, he wanted to 
eat only the M&M's and not the actual cookie!

Honestly the 3rd place would not 
probably rank in my top 100 
things to do in Dallas. 

But it is definitely in my children's top 3! 

 Rainforest Cafe!

My children LOVE the Rainforest Cafe! 
They love watching the 
"rainstorms" and the animals!

This was Roman's 1st trip and he really 
enjoyed the monkeys and the elephants!

He even got a balloon monkey!

JohnMark chose to get his new 
favorite animal, an owl!

The girls decided on butterfly hats!

I really do love going and watching the 
kids reactions and excitement to the animals! 

So I guess this is one of our 
favorite places to go when visiting Dallas!

Roman of course just loves 
anywhere that gives him balloons!

Here's a picture of the kids at 
the Rainforest Cafe about 3 years ago. 

It's amazing how fast time flies!
 (and kids multiply!)

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