Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Pinteresting Crafts!

Our playroom 99% of the
time looks like a bomb has gone off.
Until this past week!
I have been looking
everywhere for a way
to organize the girl's
dress-up clothes
and saw this idea on Pinterest!

It is the best idea ever!
For a week now the playroom
has stayed clean and organized!

-DIY Chalkboard Label
Crate Organizer-

My inspiration came from no
other than

My Finished Project!

Very Easy to Make!
1. Buy the crates ($3.50 @Walmart)

2.Buy light switch covers ( .37 cents @Walmart)
3. Spray paint the light switch covers
with chalkboard spray paint.

4. Run ribbon through the
pre-made holes to attach to crates.

5. Fill the crates with toys,
dressup, etc. and label!!!

I LOVE this!
It has really helped the girl's
keep the playroom organized!

This past weekend unintentionally
became about organizing our life!

Weekly Family Calendar,
Weekly Meal Planner,
Dress-up Organizer, and
now the girl's a Chore Chart!

I do not think I have anything else I
can turn into a DIY Dry Erase board
but this was a great idea off of Pinterest too!

-DIY Dry Erase
Chore Chart-

My Inspiration came from

My inspiration is a lot fancier than mine
b/c she uses photoshop.
(she has a template on her
blog if you use photoshop)

I do not have photoshop so I had to improvise.

My Finished Project!

I tried to do basic chores and things
I want the girls to do everyday.

1. Sleep in their bed
(ALL night! This is a tough one for Isla)
2.Brush their teeth
3. Pick up all their toys
4.Pick up all their shoes and clothes
5. Read (or be read to)

The girls are only 3 and 4 so I think the pictures
are great to use! And they love marking
each box off each night!

Our house has never
been cleaner and
neither have their teeth!

It's only been a week
but so far this is the
best thing I have come
up with for the girls.


  1. YOu are going to have to help me make both when you get here.... I will go buy the stuff today!

  2. Julia - Based on our college experience - I would have never guessed you to be so INCREDIBLY organized! Wow! I love your blog!