Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 5 of Vacation!

We had a blast the
5th day at the beach!

We swam at the Pool!

Preacher even came down and swam with the kids!

We had a a wonderful
visit with Aunt Rita!

We enjoyed the beach!

John Robert loving the sun!

Until he passed out under the tent!

The kids loved playing in the "river"!

Nixon Grace searched for seashells!

Roman loved the water!

Roman thinking about
jumping in! (and he did)

Isla and Sarah built a
bridge across the water!

Roman helping out!

Ella having fun on the beach!

Nixon and mommy!
I think this was literally
the only two minutes I
got to sit the entire week!

Haley held JennaLeigh
as she napped!

Nina and Preacher came down to
watch the older kids slide!

Julianna Marie!

Nixon Grace!

Nixon with JohnMark
and Ella behind her!

I'm not sure how much
Ella liked the slide?

JohnMark LOVED it!

We snacked!

The babies played!

We went out for dinner!

Roman and John Robert!

Isla and Julianna grabbed a
quick nap while we dressed!

In fact, Isla slept for a
while & Sarah joined her!

Swimming wore the kids out!
Johnna Katherine

Ella and Julianna
were ready to go!

John Ashley and John Robert!

Jessica snapped a few
pictures while we waited in line!

JohnMark, Julianna,
Preacher & Ella

Julianna Marie, JennaLeigh,
& Johnna Katherine

Isla, Roman,
& Nixon Grace

Jared, Roman,
Isla, Nixon, and Julia

We enjoyed a great dinner!

Daddy and Nixon!

Daddy & Isla!

Mommy and Nixon!

Mommy and Roman!

Roman enjoying his
favorite food, corn on the cob!!!

The kids enjoyed a fun
ride on the train!

Nixon, Julianna, Johnna Katherine, and JohnMark!

Jared rode with Roman and Isla!

We had a wonderful day!
The kids are already
asking when we get to go back!

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