Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The End of a Wonderful Vacation!

The last couple of days at the beach we
were slackers with the cameras so I
don't have too many pictures.

We had a good day swimming and
spending one more day at the beach.

That evening Jared, Haley, and myself
decided to watch all the kids so that the other
adults could go out to eat in peace.

Don't let these pictures fool you.
The kids were being bribed with
food to sit still for a few minutes!

Roman thought it was fun to
constantly steal Sarah's pacifier.
She did not find it as fun!

Everyone got a cookie
for sitting still! :)
JohnMark enjoyed
being the oldest!

Johnna Katherine and Nixon
enjoyed their happy meals!

After dinner Haley and I took the older
kids to the "Dive in Movie" at the pool!

The kids enjoyed watching
"Monsters VS. Aliens" poolside!

Jared kept Sarah and Roman inside
where Roman conitinued to eat.

I did not realize how often and much
Roman eats until I started
looking at the pictures!

He seems to be eating in all of them!

He really enjoyed his apple
the morning we left the beach!

The last day of vacation someone
had a great idea to drive to Destin to the outlets.

Toddlers and Outlets will NEVER happen again.
There are no pictures because I honestly
do not care to remember that part of the vacation.

We were excited that our cousin Kailyn
drove over to see us and join us for dinner that evening!

We spent our last night of vacation
going to dinner without kids!

We went to The Red Bar- one of our favorites!

JennaLeigh was allowed to join us.
She slept the whole time!

We had a fabulous week!
Full of swimming,
building sand castles,
sliding and EATING!

Most of all we were able to
spend time with our
family and allow the kids
to make memories with their cousins!

Hopefully this is only one
of many more family
vacations to come!

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