Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 3 of our Beach Vacation!

The morning started out with
Nina reading "Pinkalicious" to Isla!
They were so happy to wake up and
find Nina and Preacher!

All the kids got their bathing suits
on and lathered up in suntan lotion!

Nixon and Jules posed
for a couple of pictures!

Daddy and Roman ready for the beach!

Mommy and Nixon!

Nixon and Johnna Katheirne waiting to go outside.

Aunt JuJu gave JennaLeigh
her very 1st cupcake!

She LOVED it!

Roman playing!

We went down to the beach 1st this morning.

Roman and his buddy JennaLeigh
enjoyed the baby pool!

We had a great time playing in the sand!

Julianna working on her sandcastle.

The heat made Roman thirsty!

The girls wore the precious bathing
suits Gue made them!

Katie and Andy sitting in the shade!

Isla and Johnna Katherine sat for a snack!

Nixon loved going to the deep water!

We ended our day at the beach with Nixon Grace
going down the HUGE water slide!

I really didn't think she would do it all
by herself. But she proved me wrong!
She loved it!
We had a wonderful day at the beach.
We went inside to celebrate the 4th (another post).
Aunt Sharon and Uncle Steve
came to visit this evening!

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