Wednesday, July 20, 2011

4th Day of Vacation!

Katie and Andy took the 3 oldest to
Shell Island Tuesday morning!

JohnMark, Nixon Grace & Julianna Marie

Jules and Nix ready to go!

JohnMark and Andy on the bus ride!

Nixon says this is a picture of them
riding the boat to the island!

I thought Nixon would love Shell Island.
I found out when she got back she whined ALOT!
She told Katie "I'm just not a nature girl!"
She told me "It was hot, the water was cold
and I don't not like to get dirty!" :)

Although Nixon was a little
uncomfortable she had
a good time at Shell Island
and was thankful for
time away with the "big kids"!

That evening we got dressed to
go to Bayou Bills to eat!

We tried for a family photo!

Isla Katherine

Nixon Grace

Isla, Roman and Nixon

John Ashley, Roxann and the kids met us for dinner!

Mark and Jessica enjoying dinner!

The kids enjoyed watching the alligators!

We were so happy Roxann and
John Robert were with
us the next few days!

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