Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 2 of Our Beach Vacation!

Day Two of our Family Beach Vacation included
alot of swimming and playing in the sand!

Isla, Julianna Marie and Johnna Katherine
posing for a picture before they went outside!

Roman decided to join them !

Jared and Roman!

Isla ready to dive into the pool!

Nixon and JohnMark swimming
with Andy and Katie.
They loved swimming to
the deep part with the waterfalls!

Roman playing on the beach for the first time!

Roman wasn't scared of the gulf!
He ran right in all by himself!
(Jared was close behind)

Daddy and Roman enjoying the waves!

JohnMark found his 1st of many seashells!

Nixon Grace loved the water!

Isla would hardly go near the water.
She was content building sandcastles
with her cousins!

Roman enjoying building sandcastles too.

We came in for lunch on the deck!

For dinner that night the kids stayed at
the condo with Haley and ate pizza!

The adults
(along with Roman and JennaLeigh)
met Nina and Preacher
at Captain Anderson's.

Captain Anderson's is where
Jared and I went on our 1st date!
(Who would of thought 9 years later
I would be pregnant with our 4th child ?)

We took Roman because he is
normally wonderful.
Not tonight! He was the wildest
he has ever been!

Haley had the kids lay down and
watch a movie while we were out to dinner.

Soon a full day of swimming and building
sandcastles caught up with them!
They were out!

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