Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beach "Photo-Shoot"

I'm waiting for my sister to send me
her pictures of the beach
so I can post about our fabulous
vacation last week.
(hint hint Jessica)

We never went down to the beach
for our "annual photo-shoot"
so I made (asked very nicely and firmly)
that we dress the kids
and as Jared loaded the car
I take some pictures.
It ended up that we went out
after the car was loaded.

Roman was not very cooperative
and I really do not
know how to work a camera.

I dream of having professional
pics done at the beach once
all my kids are walking
(I guess that will be in a couple of years )
but these will do for now!

Roman would not stay put!

Best Friends!!

I told Nixon to give me her "serious" look
and this is what I got! :)

Nixon Grace became a fish this week!
Shecloves swimming without floaties!

Isla likes building sandcastles and sandmen!
She decided she did not need
floaties either (but can't swim!)

Roman LOVES the pool and was not afraid of the gulf!
He didn't care too much about the sand but had a great time!

Roman loves hats!

The sun was so bright they could not open their eyes!

Isla being a helper!

The girls do NOT like to be dirty!

My two favorite pictures!

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  1. Hey Julia! Thank you so much for your comment! I was beginning to wonder if you didn't remember me! I have been a FB holout this long, can you believe it?! I appreciate you trying to find me, though.

    So glad to be able to keep up with you and Jared and your beautiful family! Feel free to leave me comments or you can always email me!

    xoxo molly