Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 1 of the Beach!

On July 2nd we loaded up the car
(Jared loaded the car)
and we left for our summer family
vacation to Panama City Beach!

It was Roman's 1st trip to the beach and
our 1st vacation with all 5 of us!
(6 including our babysitter Haley:)

Also for a few days of the week
we had our entire family
with us including all 10 cousins,
all my siblings, Nina and Preacher.
Our cousins Kailyn, Katie and
Andy came to visit along
with Aunt Sharon,
Uncle Steve, and Aunt Rita!

It was a full house and we had a blast!!

On our way to the beach!

We brought Haley with us,
she was a HUGE help!

Our DVD player has been broken for a while.
We had to go old school and color,
play games, and of course DANCE PARTY!

The girl's beach party playlist included:

"Peanut Butter Jelly Time" (girl's new fav)
"Shake It UP!"
"Who Says?" per Nixon's request
"Whip My Hair" -Isla's Fav!

and of course anything by
the "pink girl" Rihanna :)

Isla "whipping her head back and forth"!

Roman likes dance party for a bit
but then he gets bored.
But a lollipop always makes him happy!

Finally he was out!

We arrived to meet Jessica, Mark and the
4 kids along with Katie and Andy!

We decided to go get something to eat!
What's more fun than going
to a restaurant with 7 kids?!

Our wait was only an 1 1/2 hours
but the kids had entertainment!

Jules and Nixon played together!
Nixon was so excited to be
with her best friend!

Roman LOVED the sand!

Isla, Johnna Katherine, and JohnMark
built their 1st sand castles of the week!

We were unsure how Isla would
enjoy the beach this year.

Last year she HATED the sand!
She would make us carry her
to a towel and would not
move b/c she did not
want to get dirty!

We soon found out that her fear
and dislike of sand was gone!!!

Mommy and her favorite
baby boy after a long drive!

Jared spent some time with the
best baby ever, JennaLeigh!

The kids danced and ran
around to the live music!

Daddy and Roman sat and enjoyed the
music while we waited for our table!

Jessica and JennaLeigh!
We were all so excited to be together!

We finally got a table,
and even got to sit together!!!

JohnMark, Nixon, Johnna Katherine,
Julianna, and Isla posing for their 1st
of many pictures after dinner!

We are so glad cousin Katie and Andy
got to spend a couple of days with us!

Back at the condo, the kids had to
atleast go "look" at the pool
before they went to bed!

They were so excited to go swimming!

Jessica suprised me with my 1st
outfit for the new baby!
(no, she still doesn't have a name?)

The night ended with excitement as Roman
locked himself in the bathroom!

Jared finally got the door open only to
go in and shut it and lock
himself in with Roman! :)

Day 1 of our vacation is over!
6 more to go!

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