Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Prayer Pails

                        About a year a ago 
I pinned Prayer Pail on 
Pinterest and like 99%
of the things I pin I 
didn't even click on the link to look 
at it, I just thought it looked like a 
good idea and went on looking. 

The kids and I needed a craft 
this week
so I thought of this.
I didn't really read how others did 
theirs but I know my children
can't really read so I thought we
would make ours 
with pictures!

So we printed a picture
of all the kids, cousins, aunts, uncles, 
& grandparents.

I cut their faces out!

The girls insisted that we
include "Uncle Rob",
he is our pastor so I agreed.
We should all pray for our pastors. 

I let the kids color and decorate the sticks
to make the activity more
hands on. 

Nixon decorated all her 
sticks with 
"I Love You".
(she's just excited she knows
how to write the phrase by herself"

I decided to hot glue the faces on the sticks.
Isla and nixon helped 
me stick them on!

Nixon kept pretending it was burning her.
(I kept warning her it was
VERY hot) 

Our finished project! 
(Oh! I actually finally
did vinyl letters
with my Cricut!)

Every night at dinner time
the kids will choose 
(with their eyes closed or we will be
there all night) one stick to 
pray for specifically. 

Tonight Jared went 1st
to show the kids an example
 of praying specifically.  
He chose our niece 
Johnna Katherine. 
He prayed for her safety,
for her to ober her parents,
and for her to come to know Jesus. 

I chose my sister Jessica.
(Sorry, no pic)

Roman chose Pop!
He was so excited!
He prayed for Pop!
(that's all he really 
can say)

Nixon picked cousin Sara.
She prayed for her to obey 
her parents, for her sister and brother,
and for her safety. 

Isla picked Nina! 
She was also very excited.
She prayed for Nina  
not to get sick, and to have a safe to trip 
when she comes to visit.
(Nina isn't coming anytime soon
but I guess that was her way
of asking God for her to visit) 

After I had planned this out I 
did go and check other people who had done 
this. Many suggest praying for missionaries,
lost friends, church family, etc. 
But because our family is sooo big
(we have 34 sticks total)
I decided to only include close family.

The possibilities are endless and
I am already thinking of 
ways we can extend this

Jared and I really think this is a
great way to teach our 4 young 
children how to pray specifically
for people and not just pray the
same generic prayer over and over. 

It's a way to show them to love and to 
care about others.

And honestly, it made me 
think about how
 much I need to pray more 
specifically for 
my family members
and others. 

The kids really had a fun time
tonight doing this and I  
look forward to many nights of
our Prayer Pail to


  1. This is so beautiful!! Can I come live with you & be one of your kids???!! You are just the most creative & loving Momma! I love this idea & saw it on Pinterest, but never thought about doing it with pictures! Brilliant! I miss you so much! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. What an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Good idea! I saw this too but figured we would have to wait until Addy was older... I think we will copy your picture idea! Cute!!