Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rainbow Day!

When looking at the weather all week
it looked like it was going to rain
everyday all day.
After two days at home
(we did go to story-time
at the library Monday) I decided
I had to have a plan today
for my 4 kids.
(5 including our friend Allie who spent the
day with us)

The girls have been begging to
make edible play-dough
so with all the rain I 
decided we would have 
Rainbow Day at the
Cartee household!

To my surprise today has
 ended up being a beautiful 
day so we moved some 
of our activities outside!

We started the morning off 
with Rainbow Pancakes!
(I just added food coloring
to pancake batter)

The kids LOVE cooking!

Roman of course had to have blue!

I decided not to do all the
colors of the rainbow.
(with just 4 colors we 
had way more pancakes than
we could eat!) 


While the kids ate we talked about the 
beginning of rainbows.

I told them the story of Noah 
(and yes Jared, I included that all
the people on earth died).
We talked about how every time
we see a rainbow it should 
remind us of God's promises.

While I prepared for the next fun activity 
the kids played with play-dough!

Nixon insisted on making
Lottie play-dough creations.

I was busy making
homemade finger paint. 

I got the recipe here

This is how is shouldn't look! 

This is how it should look!

I scrounged up 4 squirt bottles to 
put the paint in. 

The kids LOVED painting.
They enjoyed painting with
their fingers and getting all messy!

After Nixon finished she was worried
Lottie was getting too hot so she 
held the umbrella to give her shade. 
She's always a big helper with Lottie!

The finished masterpieces!

After we finger painted 
it was time for lunch!

The kids painted their bread
with rainbow colors!
(milk & food coloring)
I found the idea here!



After they painted their bread
I toasted it!

This was definitely the kids
 favorite activity of the day!

Lottie was unsure about 
the idea of 
painting bread!

I really expected the kids 
not to eat their sandwiches
but they devoured them! 

Apparently I should let them 
paint their
lunch everyday!

While they ate I read 
"I Love You More Than Rainbows"
"The Rainbow Fish".

Two of our favorite books!

I ended Rainbow Day
with introducing the kids
to my childhood favorite cartoon,
Rainbow Brite!

It has been a fun filled day!

I did go to prepare 
the homemade 
play-dough and realized 
we did not have enough flour.
(to be honest I was a bit relieved,
I am pooped and tired of cleaning the kitchen!)
We will save that for another day!

Now we are off and heading 
to Mission Friends 
& 1/2 price milkshakes @ Sonic!

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