Sunday, May 27, 2012

Handmade by Gue- Easter Pictures

Every Easter Gue makes
all the grandchildren coordinating
Easter outfits. 

Every Easter we try to get pictures
of the family which results in a 
very chaotic afternoon or morning! 

This year we decided to
get my high school friend, 
to take the pictures.

She did a wonderful job.
The pictures turned out beautiful!
Having a professional also
made it quick and stress free! 
(well almost stress free,
there is always one kid who refuses to

The Cartee Family

Pop, Gue &
all the grandchildren!

We tried getting a picture of just
the children but of
course it was my son who refused
to cooperate!
(if you look closely you can
see Pop holding him in the back! )

Gabe (Jared's brother), Allison,
Walker, Copper, and Tucker

 Jim, Deidre (Jared's sister),
Reid & Ellis


Our Family

I love this picture of 
Isla and Nixon!

I'm not sure where
the girls got the "hand on
the hip" pose??!!

Roman refused to stop for 
a picture but Larrah
caught the two below.
I love them!

We took Lottie's inside. 
This is my absolute favorite!

Jared & Roman

Me & my girls!

The session ended with the
girls making silly faces!

A BIG thanks to Larrah for
being so patient with my family!
I think the pictures are fabulous.
I look forward to next year when I 
will actually be able to stand for some pictures! 

And another BIG thanks to Gue
for taking the time and effort to
make such beautiful 
dresses and outfits for the kids!

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