Sunday, May 27, 2012

Disney on Ice

Last month we went to 
Disney on Ice.

Jessica and her kids came
to Alabama to join us!

Roman, Isla, Julianna, Johnna Katherine,
JennaLeigh, JohnMark, Nixon and Lottie!

Lottie stayed home with JennaLeigh and Nina
but she sure looked cute! 

Donna and I made dresses
 for our girls earlier 
that week.
(the ruffle necks are a little big, 
probably will make them smaller next time!)

We joined our friends, the
 Goodmans and Hudsons,
at Ihop before the show! 

The kids were
super excited about the show!

Lion King

This was Roman's
1st Disney on Ice!

The girl's favorite part 
was definitely Little Mermaid!

Ursula was a little scary!

Isla and Roman took
turns in my lap!

The kids also really 
liked Peter Pan!

Jessica and Johnna Katherine!

JohnMark posed with my cane!
I was excited that I was able to go to
the show. I had just gotten out 
of my wheelchair! 

Roman really did great and 
enjoyed the show
but after intermission it 
was nap time and
he was out!!!

All the kids!

Julianna & Nixon!

Julianna, Nixon, JohnMark, Braden,
Bella, Libby, Isla, & Johnna Katherine
(all the kids but Roman of course!) 

Last year was good but this
year was great! 
We really enjoyed the 

My favorite part was 
when Julianna said 
"This is better than Disney World!".

Jessica and her kids had just gotten 
back from Disney World the week before.

$11 vs $100's 
It doesn't take much to make these kids happy! 

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