Monday, May 28, 2012

Rainy Memorial Day

I'm taking a break from 
playing catch up
and actually posting about today.
I figure that is the only to to really
get caught up.

We have had a wonderful Memorial Day.
We went swimming all morning 
with friends. 

The kids were excited about
our 1st family baseball
game we were going to have this afternoon 
but it started raining. :( avoid cleaning and doing laundry
Nixon and I decided to do a craft!

Since my Easter door hanger is
STILL hanging on my door,
(for my defense it's a cross)
I decided we would try to make a
burlap door hanger 
for Memorial Day
(It will most likely still be
hanging there 4th of July) 

Nixon wanted to make one for
her bedroom door too!

Luckily we had all the materials
needed in our workroom!

I do not have an artistic bone
in my body but Nixon
apparently takes after her
Grandmother Nixon!

For our 1st Burlap hangers
I think they turned out pretty cute! 
(It'll look good enough from the road,
no one ever uses the front door!)

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