Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cartee Family Easter

Every Easter weekend we head to
Leroy to celebrate with family!

We had a great time.
I was still in a wheelchair so
I did not get as many pictures 
as usual, but I got a few! 

Nixon loves going to Gue's and playing 
with Barbies and Reid!

Gue made all the kids
Easter shirts! 

I especially love the dump
truck of eggs she made for the boys!

The kids rode on trackers and 
played outside!

Uncle Jim and Isla

All the cousins had their very own
Easter egg hunt on Saturday!

Roman loved searching 
for eggs!

It was a bit chilly outside
so Lottie kept her PJs on!

Isla was really good at 
searching for eggs this year!!

Reid and Tucker had fun too!

Nixon was sooo 
She found the 
golden egg!!!

Roman, Isla, & Nixon 

Cooper and Walker

All the cousins!
(besides Walker, he's 
getting a little old for Easter egg hunts!)

The kids also dyed eggs 
with Gue!

This was Roman's 1st time to
 dye eggs!

We ended the fun afternoon 
with treats from Gue!

Cookies and juice!

We love going to Leroy 
every Easter weekend.
It has become a tradition
 I hope we can carry on
for years to come. 

We even got smart this year 
and had a professional photographer 
come and take 
pictures of the family!

They turned out beautiful!
Check them out on the next post. 
Cartee Family Easter Pictures

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