Saturday, May 26, 2012

Easter Day 2012

I am VERY behind on our blog. 
I'm having to track all the way back to Easter! 

I hope to catch up this weekend!

Easter Day!

Easter day we went to church and the kids
wore their beautiful outfits Gue made them.
Pictures on Easter in Leroy.

For the past three years we have celebrated Easter lunch 
with our Summerville family
at Mrs. Alma Davis's home.

We had great food and great fellowship!

The kids wore outfits I made them
for the Easter lunch!

It was pretty bright outside so
I did not get a very good picture of all 4!

The girls and their best 
friend Libby!

Lunch was delicious!!!

Lottie hung out with 
"Uncle" Robb all afternoon!

After lunch the kids had a great time
hunting for eggs!

They also had a fun
time running around the front yard!

Easter evening we gave the kids
their Easter baskets.

The girls waiting for their baskets!

Roman loved his Power Ranger
 and chocolate bunny!

Each year I put a bathing
suit in the kids basket.
This year they got two!

Lottie got alot of goodies!

I found these coupons to 
put in eggs on Pinterest.
The girls LOVED them!
They are still trying to use them!!1

We had a wonderful
day celebrating Jesus's death
 and resurrection on
Easter Sunday.
We are so blessed to have such a 
wonderful church family to
share the day with!


  1. You have the most gorgeous children.

    1. Thanks Courtney! Your boys are pretty good looking too! :)