Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Eve

This Christmas was a little different for us:
We had a new baby! 
(okay, so that's not too different for us) 
But Christmas fell on Sunday so we could
 not go anywhere to celebrate. 
And we had 4 kids!

This past December was 
so insane it's hard to even 
remember what I did 
yesterday. So I am completely 
narrating according to the pictures I have. 

The kids woke up and Jared 
and I made Santa pancakes. 

Jared decided Santa needed a mustache.
I think he just made him look sad.

The kids LOVE pancakes!

Nixon wanted me to take a
 picture of her mustache!

I had bought the kids a present 
for them to open one night during family advent. 
But I'm embarrassed to say that 
this year we kinda stunk at advent.

We have gone nonstop since
 Lottie arrived and at 
night we consider ourselves
 successful if kids are in bed by 10pm. 

So... Christmas Eve the kids 
opened up the family gift!!

The Little People Nativity!

(I just noticed Isla has on a 
Halloween was a long month) 

The kids loved their nativity. 

I did get the girls dressed to bake all day. 

We made cookies for Santa...

and our annual reindeer cookies!
(we have been making these
 years before Pinterest) 

We were home alone for the 1st time on 
Christmas Eve so I decided we 
would have our own little party. 

I made my sister's fabulous sausage balls!
(they were not near as good as hers)

Christmas Wreath

My absolute favorite-
Popcorn Cake!
It was AMAZING! 

We also had rotel (for Jared) and
 a cheese-ball with crackers. 
Unfortunately, the kids did not eat
 a thing other than the crackers!

I was able to snap a few pictures 
of the kids before bedtime!

Once they calmed down Lottie joined in!

Isla wanted a turn to hold Lottie.

We left cookies out for Santa 
and put the kids to bed.

Well, I thought they were all 
in bed until I caught Roman redhanded! 

He snuck out to try out Santa's cookies! 
Thankfully Santa hadn't arrived yet!

Santa did have a little helper as 
he put out the gifts this year! 

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  1. This is so cute, your kids will love this when they get older.
    Love Debra and Gene