Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas at Cheaper's

Tuesday after Christmas the kids
 and I went to Northport to 
celebrate Christmas at 
Nina and Cheaper's house! 
(All but Nixon know him as Preacher)

All the cousins were there!!!


Johnna Katherine





John Robert
(who apparently did not want his picture taken)


Nixon and Julianna

and Lottie!

With 11 kids in one house for
 4 days we stayed busy!

We played outside!

We had lots of visitors!!!

Aunt Mary met Lottie 
for the 1st time.

The girls had fun playing with Alena.

Uncle Jay kept the kids 
busy drawing!

Aunt Theresa came the
 next day and met Lottie!

The girls love when they 
get to see cousin Rachel!

Granny Nixon came too....

and brought all the kids Alabama hats she crocheted!

We opened up presents!

By far the hit gift of the season 
was the Doodle Bears Nina and 
Preacher gave all the kids!

I personally like the princess
 pancake skillet they gave the girls!

The adults got gifts too!

We made a HUGE mess!

We took a lot of pictures!

We had a wonderful time!
There are only a few times a 
year we can all get 
together and I am so happy
 it worked out this 
Christmas season! 
(even though it did get a little crazy at times)

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